Tribute to Lalzoliana


(October 12, 1990 – September 3, 2020)

Our beloved friend Lalzoliana, a student of B.D. IV, unfortunately met with an electric shock on 26th August, 2020 at 5 P.M. While we expected him to recover soon and while we were earnestly praying for him, he rather went to be with the Lord on 3rd September, 2020 at 3 PM.

The A.I.C.S family is very much saddened by the fact that such a horrifying misfortune, which we never thought and expect even in our dream, happened to our beloved member. It stunned us, frightened us, terrified us, and we do not know how to cope with it.

Lalzoliana has been a good and promising student, very bright, friendly, innocent, gentle, well self-disciplined, diligent, jovial, and adorable, one who demonstrated a candid life. We could not understand why A.I.C.S lost such a precious student.
Human mind, in fact, could not comprehend what had happened to him. We do believe, however, that the God of love would have held him dearly at His bosom now, and explained to him all the things that had happened to him; and then he would be peacefully resting now at the side of the loving God.

A.I.C.S will remember Lalzoliana. All the good things which he exemplified in his life will be mentioned again and again along with his name in the days to come.

When he almost had finished his preparation to become a good minister of God, and when we did feel that it’s not yet the right time, he but answered the higher call from heaven. We do share the sorrow of his mother, his siblings and his relatives from the bottom of our hearts. It is our prayer that the good Lord would always abide with them giving them peace and comfort from above.

Faculty & Staff, Students and Community Members
Academy of Integrated Christian Studies


A farewell program was organized for Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga, BCM President, who retired from active service with full pension on 1st August, 2020, by the Faculty & Staff Welfare Committee, AICS on 9th September, 2020 at 1:15PM. The program was held in Rev.R.Zopianga Meeting Room, AICS. All the Faculty and Staff members, except those who were outside the city, were present in the program.

Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga joined pastoral ministry under the Baptist Church of Mizoram after he finished B.D from Union Biblical Seminary (UBS). He worked with his wife for about 8 years in St. James High School, Tripura. After that he studied M.Th. at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea. Coming back from Korea, he looked after a pastorate for a few years, and then he worked with his wife as missionary among the Apatani people in Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh for about 10 years. From there he went to SAIACS, Bangalore, to study Ph.D. After he finished it, he looked after a pastorate for a few years and then he became Director of Inland Mission. Then he was elected to be the AGS i/c. Mission for two consecutive terms of 3 years each, thus holding the post for 6 years. After that he became Executive Secretary, Aizawl for 3 years. From there he joined AICS working as a teacher of mission subject for 16 months. Then he retired with full pension on 1st August, 2020. AICS organized a farewell program for him at the first Faculty meeting after his retirement.

 Rev.Dr.Vanlalchhawna Khiangte, Principal, chaired the farewell program. Dr. Keciziuying Siang, Academic Dean, led the devotions. Rev.Dr.H.Lalthlamuana, Vice Principal, delivered a short speech on behalf of Faculty & Staff. Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga also delivered a short speech. Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum, presented a memento/ Citation and Ms. T. Lalramdinmawii presented a cash of Rs. 5000/- on behalf of the Welfare Committee,

AICS Faculty & Staff Welfare Committee has been formed in 2019, and Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinthanga happened to be the first person to be given farewell after its formation. Pu Rina was accompanied by his wife Dr. Chawngthanpari, former Principal of HATIM.