New Result 2020 (Final Year)

AICS is proud to have 28 students who completed Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity with flying colours. We wish them all the best in their future. The following are the students who completed their studies in AICS.

Bachelor of Divinity

1. Ngabom Tasar

2. Pari Chinzah

3. Joseph Lalrinawma

4. Jacob Lalnunhlua

5. David C. Lalnunkima

6. K. LalkawngdikA

7. D. Lamkhosei Haokip

8. J. Lalramchhana

9. J. Lalruatdika

10. CRL Muanpuia

11. Paominlen Stephen Haokip

12. C. Lalrinzuala

13. Zoengmawia

14. K. Malsawmthanga

15. C. Vanlalhriata

16. Lalhmachhuana Fanai

17. S. Daniel Laltanpuia

18. C. Lalrohlua

19. V. Vanlaltlanhlua

20. Lalnunzira

21. Elwin A. Sangma

Master of Divinity

  1. C Lalnuntlana
  2. FP Lalthathanga
  3. Jayanta Kumar Rabha
  4. K Lalrinzuala
  5. Lalrinngheti
  6. Pobonjoy Reang
  7. Rody Vanlalhmingchhuanawmi


Academy of Integrated Christian Studies express its heartfelt gratitude to B.K.H.P Aizawl Coordination for presenting five Steel Book-Shelves (Godrej Company) on 8th.October.2020 to be kept in faculty quarters. The present was thankfully received by the Principal, Rev. Dr. Vanlalchhawna Khiangte.

-Principal, AICS