Brief History

The Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) established the Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS) in 2000 to respond to the ministerial challenges in India, especially in the northeastern region of the country. AICS inaugurated its Academic Program on 18 October 2000 under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. R. L. Hnuni as Principal. While temporarily housed in a rented property in Zonuam, Aizawl, the inaugural program started with 17 students enrolled for the Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) degree. The College was granted “Provisional Affiliation” by the Senate of Serampore College in June 2001, which was upgraded to “Full Affiliation” status in 2004. AICS shifted to the present campus in Tanhril at the western ridge of Aizawl city on November 4, 2002.

Vision Statement
The Baptist Church of Mizoram envisions AICS to train, equip, and empower women and men to become God’s effective ministers, missionaries, and Christian workers for the transformation of the church and society.

Mission Statement
AICS is committed to provide a Biblical, Contextual, Holistic, and Quality theological education to men and women in order to meet the needs of churches in the twenty first century. Biblical teaching is the core guiding principle of all theological education and practices. Its commitment to the development of a contextual theological education is to study and address issues that arise from the contexts so that theological education may become relevant and effective. Its commitment to “Holistic Theological Education” is that AICS shall co-ordinate various programs to meet the needs of churches and society. Its commitment to quality education means striving for maintaining the highest quality it can afford in all of its programs.

Aims and Objectives 
1. To train men and women for effective Christian ministry to meet the needs of the church and society.
2. To equip students with required knowledge and skills for effective leadership in the church and society.
3. To train students for mission works, evangelism, church planting, and transformation of society within and outside Mizoram.
4. To promote the spirit of ecumenism amongst various denominational churches.
5. To work together with other theological colleges and secular University in order to promote wider ecumenism and to achieve academic excellence.
6. To form theological consortium with other theological colleges in the region in order to offer post-graduate programs for the development of theological education in the region.
7. To provide Church Music Courses—instrumental, vocal and choir-leading.
8. To address contemporary socio-economic and political issues of the region, and impart holistic development through Research and Development program.

Motto: Holistic Ministry
The motto of the AICS is to develop a holistic theological education which includes:
1. Integrating and emphasizing the academic and spiritual aspects of human life.
2. Ecumenical relations with other theological colleges/seminaries and other denominational churches.
3. Addressing various socio-economic, cultural and political issues of the day through different programs as mentioned in the aims and objectives.