The following Programs which are planned to be implemented and the Programs being carried out right now here in AICS are:

1. Normal Theological Education: The normal theological education of the B.D and M.Th in New Testament and History Course of the Senate of Serampore is offered.

2. Missionary Training:
(a) M.A Missiology which is now called M. Div in Mission (Master of Divinity in Mission) for three years.
(b) Diploma in Missiology for one year.

3. Ministerial Training:
(a) Ministerial orientation which is a six month course for those who are going to join ministry as probationary pastor is being offered.
(b) Lay leadership for evangelists, church leaders, youth and women leaders is being offered.
(c) Ministers refreshers course meant for pastors is yet to be started.

4. School of Music: A full fledged course is yet to be started but now a short course for a week is offered with the help of friends from Singapore.

These projects shall be a significant contribution to the churches in Mizoram.