The Principal is the head of the institution who serves as the secretary of the Board of Theological Education. S/he is accountable to the Board of Theological Education. The Principal is responsible for all affairs of the institution including financial matters as mentioned in the BCM Constitution and Rules (p.116). 

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The Vice principal will assist the Principal in administration. S/he will take over the charge of Principal in the absence of the Principal. S/he is in-charge of M.Th. Program.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a governing body within the college. It has authority over matters pertaining to the academic programs, discipline, internal policy matters for the welfare of the students and community as a whole.


  1. Dean of Graduate Studies: The Dean of Graduate Studies works for the progress of the academic Program of the college. S/he is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Bachelor of Divinity (B.D) Program. His/Her responsibilities include:
    1. overseeing the overall academic affairs of the College.
    2. overseeing admissions and graduation process of students.
    3. college publicity with the knowledge of the Principal, and issuing admission/application forms of all courses offered.
    4. conducting all College examinations, and to supervise Senate examinations, including qualifying exams.
    5. overseeing and coordinating the operation of the College Portal in the Senate website, and AICS Student Management System.
    6. preparing yearly academic calendar in consultation with the Principal.
    7. keeping graduation gowns, and to prepare diploma certificates.
    8. giving official information to students regarding general academic concerns.
  2. Dean of Post-Graduate Studies: The Dean of Post-Graduate Studies is responsible for all the academic records and related matters of Master of Theology (M.Th.). His/her responsibilities include:
    1. making MTh. course schema.
    2. keeping and maintain academic records of MTh. Students
    3. preparing MTh. application/admission form and processing them.
    4. conducting seminar on thesis (proposal) writing, and to organize thesis proposal and Integrated Paper presentations.
    5. entering MTh student data and mark in the College Portal (Senate website), and AICS Student Management System
    6. co-ordinate the conduct of pedagogy course, including students' pedagogical practical classes.
  3. Dean of Dean of Mission Studies: The Dean of Mission Studies is in-charge of Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Program and Diploma in Mission Studies (DMS) Program. S/he works in consultation with the Academic office. His/her responsibilities include:
    1. making MDiv. & DMS course structures.
    2. making subject distribution of MDiv. & DMS courses in consultation with the Graduate Studies Dean.
    3. keeping and processing MDiv. & DMS application/admission forms.
    4. entering MDiv and DMS student data and mark in the College Portal (Senate website), and AICS Student Management System.
    5. receiving and issuing registration numbers/cards, transcripts and certificates to MDiv. & DMS.
    6. making official correspondence to ATA for renewal of accreditation, payment of annual fees, and embossment of MDiv. Certificates.
  4. Dean of Research and Development: The Dean of Research and Development Program is the facilitator of the program. S/he helps/coordinates scholars from different disciplines to do research on relevant issues in the present context, and organizes faculty–student seminar and other seminars; and s/he is the editor of AICS Journal.
  5. Dean of Practical Ministry: The Dean of Practical Ministry facilitates Students’ Field Education and Weekend Ministry for both MDiv and BD students, contacting local churches, social centers, and mission fields for placements of students. Based on the reports of these various practical ministries, the Dean awards grades to every student, which is credited.



  • Principal: Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika  
  • Vice-principal: Rev. Dr. Rev. Dr. B. Lalramhluna
  • Dean of Graduate Studies: Rev. Dr. James Chuaukailiana 
  • Dean of Post-Graduate Studies: Dr. Keciziuying Siang 
  • Dean of Extension Studies (BCS and DipCS): Rev. James Zorammawia 
  • Dean of Mission Studies: Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha
  • Dean of Research and Development: Dr. Lalruatkima 
  • Dean of Practical Ministry: Rev. H. Ramthianghlima
  • Dean of Centre for Baptist Studies: Rev. Dr. Vanlalhruaia Khiangte