Transition from Family Management to Institutional Management:

In the establishment period, family management system is a necessity, now we are slowly going to switch over to institutional management

  • Integrity:
  • Integrity of  AICS
  • Integrity of Personality

Office Timing: The following timing is  followed

  • Starting time  : 9:00 AM
  • Staff Devotion: 9:30-10:00 AM
  • Tea Brake       : 12:30-1:00Pm
  • Office Closing: 4:30 PM (Winter 9:30-4:00)

Office Manner: Office is a place to quietly and sincerely work

  • Decent dress
  • Dealing with students and other customers
  • Use of English in the Office
  • Use of cell phone in the office
  • Use of phone only for official purpose
  • Use of computer in the office

Office attendance:

  • All should be regular and give signature right after/before devotion
  • (d) All should prepare to work extra as per requirement of the College.