New Result 2020 (Final Year)

AICS is proud to have 28 students who completed Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity with flying colours. We wish them all the best in their future. The following are the students who completed their studies in AICS.

Bachelor of Divinity

1. Ngabom Tasar

2. Pari Chinzah

3. Joseph Lalrinawma

4. Jacob Lalnunhlua

5. David C. Lalnunkima

6. K. LalkawngdikA

7. D. Lamkhosei Haokip

8. J. Lalramchhana

9. J. Lalruatdika

10. CRL Muanpuia

11. Paominlen Stephen Haokip

12. C. Lalrinzuala

13. Zoengmawia

14. K. Malsawmthanga

15. C. Vanlalhriata

16. Lalhmachhuana Fanai

17. S. Daniel Laltanpuia

18. C. Lalrohlua

19. V. Vanlaltlanhlua

20. Lalnunzira

21. Elwin A. Sangma

Master of Divinity

  1. C Lalnuntlana
  2. FP Lalthathanga
  3. Jayanta Kumar Rabha
  4. K Lalrinzuala
  5. Lalrinngheti
  6. Pobonjoy Reang
  7. Rody Vanlalhmingchhuanawmi


Academy of Integrated Christian Studies express its heartfelt gratitude to B.K.H.P Aizawl Coordination for presenting five Steel Book-Shelves (Godrej Company) on 8th.October.2020 to be kept in faculty quarters. The present was thankfully received by the Principal, Rev. Dr. Vanlalchhawna Khiangte.

-Principal, AICS

Tribute to Lalzoliana


(October 12, 1990 – September 3, 2020)

Our beloved friend Lalzoliana, a student of B.D. IV, unfortunately met with an electric shock on 26th August, 2020 at 5 P.M. While we expected him to recover soon and while we were earnestly praying for him, he rather went to be with the Lord on 3rd September, 2020 at 3 PM.

The A.I.C.S family is very much saddened by the fact that such a horrifying misfortune, which we never thought and expect even in our dream, happened to our beloved member. It stunned us, frightened us, terrified us, and we do not know how to cope with it.

Lalzoliana has been a good and promising student, very bright, friendly, innocent, gentle, well self-disciplined, diligent, jovial, and adorable, one who demonstrated a candid life. We could not understand why A.I.C.S lost such a precious student.
Human mind, in fact, could not comprehend what had happened to him. We do believe, however, that the God of love would have held him dearly at His bosom now, and explained to him all the things that had happened to him; and then he would be peacefully resting now at the side of the loving God.

A.I.C.S will remember Lalzoliana. All the good things which he exemplified in his life will be mentioned again and again along with his name in the days to come.

When he almost had finished his preparation to become a good minister of God, and when we did feel that it’s not yet the right time, he but answered the higher call from heaven. We do share the sorrow of his mother, his siblings and his relatives from the bottom of our hearts. It is our prayer that the good Lord would always abide with them giving them peace and comfort from above.

Faculty & Staff, Students and Community Members
Academy of Integrated Christian Studies




            All the students of AICS, 2020-2021 academic sessions

Subject: Reminder to be sincere in Online class for 2020-2021

            Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope that all of you are keeping well with your family members. 

            The Faculty Council meeting held on 29th July 2020 listened to the reports about the ongoing online classes from faculty members, and we had discussion in the related matters. I would like to inform you the following important matters. I would like to ask you to take all the important information seriously. 

            1.  Be sincere in online class: While most of the students are very sincere in online classes, some students, especially among first year students, are not serious in the online classes.

            Therefore, this is a reminder to all the students that we are in the academic session now, and you are not supposed to be engaged in any other work. Be sincere in the classes and try to do your level best in your study.

            2.  Payment of fees: Students who are not supported by the BCM are hereby informed to pay your fees. You don’t need to pay mess fee, electricity and water charges. You have to pay the rest of the fees. You are expected to pay at least 50% of your fee during the first semester, ideally at the beginning of the academic session.

            3.  Online exam for continuing students: The second semester exam for 2019-2020 academic sessions has been conducted by the Senate and college online during 20-31st July, 2020. The pending exam for the continuing students is likely to be conducted from August 17, 2020 by the Senate of Serampore College. Be prepared for this. Information will be given to you as soon as we receive it from the Senate of Serampore College.

            Visit Senate of Serampore College website ( time to time for new information.

            We are praying for you.


Vanlalchhawna Khiangte


I am very happy that I could give my first Annual Report as the principal of AICS. I took over the charge of Principal on 25th April, 2019 at 9PM from Rev. Prof. R. Zolawma. I do acknowledge that all things come from God, and at the same time I express my sincere gratitude to the Nomination Committee, Baptist Church of Mizoram, for putting their trust upon me to take up this important responsibility in spite of all my limitations.

            There are two important things guiding me in discharging my responsibility as Principal of AICS. 1) I accept that it is God who put me in this important place. Therefore, looking to Jesus, I must do my best to fulfil my duties. 2) I may not have any special talent for my job. However, I will try my best to be impartial, to be free from corruption, and to be honest.

            As I have completed my first year as the Principal of this institution, I sincerely express my deep gratitude to my faculty colleagues, staff members and students for their great support, understanding, forbearance and for their contributions in different areas in different ways. I also sincerely thank members of the Board of Theologica Education, and especially our General Secretary and Executive Secretary, Aizawl, who are my human shield and support for all my works as in charge of this institution.

1.  Re-opening of the College: While the college was re-opened on 12th June, 2019, with students the beginning of the academic sessions of 2019-2020 might be dated back to 25th April, 2019 in which the new Principal took over the charge in the meeting of Board of Theological Education.  

2. Teaching and Non-Teaching staff: We have teaching and non-teaching staff in the current academic sessions as follows:  

a)  Faculty Members: There are 19 regular teachers, 3 guest/visiting teachers, and 1 part time teacher in the current academic sessions.   They are the following:

Regular Teachers

Sl.No.Name andDegree Subject/Discipline
1. Rev.Dr. Vanlalchhawna Khiangte PrincipalB.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.Associate Professor, New Testament
2. Rev. Dr. H. Lalthlamuana Vice PrincipalM.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.Associate Professor, Ministry (Counseling)
3. Rev. Dr. R. ZolawmaB.Th., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.Professor, Theology
4. Dr. Andrew LalhmangaihaB.Sc. M.Div., M.Th., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Missiology  
5. Dr. Keciziuying SiangB.Th., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.Associate Professor, New Testament
6. Mrs. L.H. NimreilaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Theology
7. Rev. K. RohminglianiB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Ministry (Homiletics)
8. Mr. Moses Lalrohlua SailoB.E.(Mech), M.Th. (Church Music)Assistant Professor, Church Music
9. Rev. V.L.Hruaia KhiangteB.A., B.D., M.Th. (waiting for Ph.D.result)Assistant Professor, History of Christianity
10.Mr. Rampaukube HekwetB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Missiology
11.Mr. Joel S. ZoramthangaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Communication
12.Ms. Lalremruati RokhumM.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Women Studies+English
13.Mr. H. LaltlankimaB.E.(Mech), M.Div., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Missiology
14.Mr. VanlalpekaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, History of Christianity
15.Mr. Johny C. LalhmingmawiaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Theology
16.Dr. LalruatkimaB.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Religions
17.Rev. H. RamthianghlimaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, Old Testament
18.Rev. MalsawmzualaB.A., B.D., M.Th.Assistant Professor, History of  Christianity
19.Rev. Dr. K. LalrinthangaB.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Missiology

Guest teachers (for one year, till April 2020)

1. Rev. Dr. F. HrangkhumaB.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.Professor, Missiology & Hist.Xnity
2. Rev. Dr. R.L. HnuniB.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th.Professor, Old Testament
3. Miss C. Chemtingla SangtamM.A., B.D., M.Th., (Waiting for D.Th result).Assistant Professor, New Testament

It is very sad that Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma was diagnosed of liver cancer while they were in Kolkata on their way from Bangalore to AICS, after winter vacation. He was operated on 1st February, 2020 in TATA Hospital, Kolkata. He is now improving. 

Visiting Professors (for few weeks)

1Rev.Dr.Elungkiebe ZeliangB.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.DAssociate Professor, History of Christianity
2Rev.Dr.M.Thongkhosei HaokipB.A, B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.Associate Professor, History of Christianity

b)  Non-Teaching Staff:

1. Mr. C. LalrinengaLibrarian
2. Ms. AzaileLibrary Assistant
3. Ms. Lily LalsangmawiiL.D.C., Library  
4. Ms. Esther LalngilneiiLibrary Assistant
5. Rev. LalhnehlianaOffice Assistant
6. Ms. T. LalramdinmawiiL.D.C. cum Accountant
7. Mr. LalmuanawmaWork Supervisor
8. Mr. Gospel LalramzauhvaAcademic Office Assistant
9. Mr. LallawmkimaPeon
10.Mr. LalbiaknungaPeon
11.Ms. NgurduhthangiCook
12.Ms. R. LalrinzualiCook
13.Mr. ZonunsangaCook
14.Mr. K. LalneihtluangaDriver
15.Mr. AshitaCarpenter cum Electrician
16.Mr. LalengsangaHelper
17.Mr. Harikar DevChowkidar
18.Mr. LaldengaGate Keeper
19.Mr. LaltanpuiaGate Keeper

3. Student enrolment in 2019-2020 sessions: We have student enrolment as follows:

M.Th. II (History of Christianity) – 4;           M.Th. II (New Testament)      – 2;

M.Th. I (History of Christianity)  –  6;           M.Th. I (New Testament)       –  3;   

M.Th  Total  – 15

B.D. IV  – 20;              B.D. III  – 21;           B.D. II – 24;    B.D. I  –  22;     

B.D Total  – 87

M.Div. III – 7;             M.Div. II – 6;           M.Div. I – 13;                        

M.Div Total – 26

Diploma in Mission Studies                                     – 17

Probationary Pastors                                               – 5

GRAND TOTAL            – 150

4.  2019 AICS Result:  We have the following Final result for 2019:

            Master of Theology: We had 2 students in M.Th. (History of Christianity) namely Ms. Moanaro Aier and Ms. Lichumlo M. Odyuo. Both of them passed in High Second Class (B+).

            Bachelor of Divinity: We had 26 students and all of them passed. 1 student got A-, 6 students got B+, 12 students got B, 7 students got B-. .

            Master of Divinity: Among the 5 students of Master of Divinity (M. Div.) 1 got A-, 3 got B+ and 1 got B. 

5. Promotions and new Appointment:

            1) Dr. Keciziuying Siang, from the department of New Testament, and Rev. Dr. H. Lalthlamuana, from the department of Christian Ministry (Counselling) were given Associate Professorship by the Board of Theological Education on 25th April, 2019 and 15th October, 2019 respectively.

            1) Ms. Esther Lalngilneii was appointed for Library Assistant on fixed-pay by the Board of Theological Education on 15th Oct. 2020.

6. AICS Retreat:  We had a successful AICS Annual Retreat during 6-7 July, 2019 with Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak as the Retreat Speaker.   The theme of the Retreat was ‘Closer Walk with God’.

7. Students Exchange Programme: We had students exchange programme with Harding Theological College, Tura, Meghalaya for the second consecutive year during the first semester. We sent three B.D.III yr students namely Mr. Lalzoliana, Mr. C.Jonathana and Ms. Lalhlimpuii chinzah in exchange of Mr. Bellan M. Marak, Mr. Chuanglee G. Momin and Ms. Dimre K. Sangma.

8. Lay Leadership Training:  Lay Leadership Training was conducted in three places, namely: Aizawl East Pastorate at BCM Chanmari (26-28 April, 2019). BCM Rahsi Veng, Lunglei. (May 30- June 3, 2019). Mission Vengthlang Pastorate at BCM Shalom (3-4 August, 2019).

9. Significant Developments:

a)  Renovation of Faculty and Staff quarters: Seven quarters have been renovated by painting at the beginning of the academic sessions. One faculty quarters with only one bed room was extended by adding one more bed room. Partition walls of one staff quarters was changed with new one. 

            b) Vehicle washing facility:  Vehicle washing facility was made inside the campus for vehicles inside the campus and for church leaders who visit AICS. 

            c) Library extension: Work is going on for the extension of Library. 

            d) Guest House: Mazuala Memorial Guest House, which has been used for Principal quarters, has been restored for Guest House.   

e) Master Plan: Master Plan (Phase II) for AICS Campus has been prepared following the resolution of the Board of Theological Education. 

f) Beautification Committee: Beautification Committee for AICS Campus has been formed AICS to take major responsibility for beautification of AICS Campus.   

g) Car Garrage: A new car garage to accommodate three cars is under construction. 

h) Zero Waste Management project: Zero Waste Management project has been constructed with fund from UD & PA department, government of Mizoram. 

i) Mission Building: Construction of Mission building is being continued with donations from different people.   

j) Two-Wheeler garage: A two-wheeler garage which accommodates 8 vehicles has been constructed because of the need of the students.

10.  BMP Social Work: BMP Aizawl East Pastorate had social work/ group work at AICS on 7th September, 2019. We are very thankful to them.

11. Voluntary Contributions for AICS development: We received voluntary contributions from various people for furtherance of God’s glory in and through AICS. We are very grateful to all these people. We cannot mention all of them here. They are, however, properly kept in official records:

12. Worker who left the college: Dr. F. Chanchinmawia, Assistant Librarian, got a job at Zoram Medical College, and left AICS on 1st August, 2019.   

13. Aics Journal: The first issue of AICS JOURNAL (Vol.1, No.1), an academic journal, was released on 14th November 2019, by Rev. Prof. R. Zolawma, outgoing Principal, after morning devotions at Pastor Thanzinga Chapel. 

14. AICS Day: AICS Day, 18th anniversary of AICS, was celebrated on 18th October 2019. Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma led morning devotions at 7AM. Funfare was organised by SCMI AICS Unit at 10 AM. The main celebration was at 6:45PM. Rev.Dr.R.Lalthanmawia, Executive Secretary, Aizawl gave exhortation.   

15.  Senate Prize: In the B.D. result of 2019 Joseph Liansangpuia who got A- grade, received Senate Prize in the subject of Christian Theology.    

16. Pastor Refresher Course: Four BCM Pastors, namely Rev. Z.D.Rozuala, Rev. Aibula Fanai, Rev. T.C.Vanlalzuia and Rev. H.Lalremtluanga came to AICS to have Pastors Refresher Course on 23rd November, 2019. They had classes on 25th November, 2019 and they left for Thailand on 26th November, 2019.

17. Pastor Nupui Conference: AICS hosted Pastor wives conference during 10-13 December, 2019. There were around 94 participants, and with all others who came with them there were around 120 people. The speaker of the conference was Rev. F. Sangvela.     

18.  Winter vacation and New Year re-opening: Winter vacation started on 9th December 2019 and College was re-opened on 8th January, 2020.   

21. Schedule for Valedictory Service 2020: Valedictory Service 2020 is scheduled for 19th April, 2020. Rev. F. Ramdinmawia has kindly agreed to give Valedictory Speech. However, there is uncertainty looming around while this report is written because of the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 (Corona Virus).

God helped us to accomplished many works during this academic year although there are many more works to do. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to BCM, generous donors, all the workers, community members, and to the students who accomplished many works through their regular social work routine every Saturday Morning. We do believe that our faithful God, who made us achieved many things, will continue to help us to make more achievement for His glory.

I would like to invite whoever can come forward to labor with us for the glory of God in whatever way possible.

To God alone be Glory and Honor forever and ever. Amen.


A farewell program was organized for Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga, BCM President, who retired from active service with full pension on 1st August, 2020, by the Faculty & Staff Welfare Committee, AICS on 9th September, 2020 at 1:15PM. The program was held in Rev.R.Zopianga Meeting Room, AICS. All the Faculty and Staff members, except those who were outside the city, were present in the program.

Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga joined pastoral ministry under the Baptist Church of Mizoram after he finished B.D from Union Biblical Seminary (UBS). He worked with his wife for about 8 years in St. James High School, Tripura. After that he studied M.Th. at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea. Coming back from Korea, he looked after a pastorate for a few years, and then he worked with his wife as missionary among the Apatani people in Ziro valley, Arunachal Pradesh for about 10 years. From there he went to SAIACS, Bangalore, to study Ph.D. After he finished it, he looked after a pastorate for a few years and then he became Director of Inland Mission. Then he was elected to be the AGS i/c. Mission for two consecutive terms of 3 years each, thus holding the post for 6 years. After that he became Executive Secretary, Aizawl for 3 years. From there he joined AICS working as a teacher of mission subject for 16 months. Then he retired with full pension on 1st August, 2020. AICS organized a farewell program for him at the first Faculty meeting after his retirement.

 Rev.Dr.Vanlalchhawna Khiangte, Principal, chaired the farewell program. Dr. Keciziuying Siang, Academic Dean, led the devotions. Rev.Dr.H.Lalthlamuana, Vice Principal, delivered a short speech on behalf of Faculty & Staff. Rev.Dr.K.Lalrinthanga also delivered a short speech. Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum, presented a memento/ Citation and Ms. T. Lalramdinmawii presented a cash of Rs. 5000/- on behalf of the Welfare Committee,

AICS Faculty & Staff Welfare Committee has been formed in 2019, and Rev. Dr. K. Lalrinthanga happened to be the first person to be given farewell after its formation. Pu Rina was accompanied by his wife Dr. Chawngthanpari, former Principal of HATIM.

Students’ Welfare Committee: 2019– 2020

K. Malsawmthanga, Secretary

I, on behalf of the Students’ Welfare Committee of AICS, congratulate the Editorial Board of Shekina Annual Magazine 2019-2020 for publishing another AICS annual magazine with the theme ‘Diakonos.’ I am very grateful to the editorial board for keeping separately significant pages to give the annual report and activities of Students’ Welfare Committee 2019-2020.

            Since SWC stands for the welfare of the students it tries its level best to support students in times of their need. The SWC is also receiving great support from the students, faculty council and AICS community in order to achieve the different plans and programmes. Following are the annual report and activities during the academic session 2019-2020.

1. Members of SWC: The SWC members consist of all AICS students of different courses (B.D, M.Div, M.Th, DMS) from various states in North-East India and abroad.

2. Office Bearers:

Chairperson                 : Rev. Dr.Vanlalchhawna Khiangte, Principal, AICS.
Secretary                     : K. Malsawmthanga, BD – IV
Asst. Secretary            : J. Lalrinawma, BD – III
Treasurer                     : NgabomTasar, BD – IV

3. Executive Committee Members: For the executive committee members, it has been decided that class representative of each classes will be appointed automatically.

  1. David C. Lalnunkima, BD – IV
  2. Moi Nyorak, BD III
  3. Vanlalbiakhluna, BD II
  4. M. Lalchungnunga, BD I
  5. K. Lalrinzuala, M.Div III
  6. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
  7. Lalrammuana, M.Div I
  8. Paokhohang Chongloi, M.Th II
  9. RC. Lalhlimawma, M.Th I
  10. R. Lalfeli, DMS

4. Annual Reports and Activities:

4.1. Committee Meeting: During the academic session 2019-2020, OB meeting was held once and executive meeting five times.

4.2. Membership fee and Monthly contribution: The SWC collected Rs 50/- for membership fee and Rs 10/- per month for monthly contribution from each and every member. The valuable contributions were made used for the smooth functioning and success of the SWC’s plans and activities.

4.3. Freshers’ Nite: One of the main activities of SWC was organizing Freshers’ Nite to welcome the new members. The programme was successfully organized on 19th July, 2019 with Marilyn as guest host.

4.4. Observing Independence Day: The committee could successfully organize the 73rd Independence Day of India. The programme was organized in front of the main building and Rev. Prof. R. L. Hnuni was the Chief Guest hoisting the National Flag.

4.5. Teachers’ Day: The committee organized Teachers’ Day celebration programme on 5th Sept, 2019 to honour our teachers. Gift of gratitude and appreciation was presented to each of the teachers.

4.6. College T-shirt: The committee took initiatives to prepare college T-shirt for the students and community members. It was prepared in four different colours according to the distribution of houses from the Sports Committee. In the previous year, the committee also ordered a new college T-shirt from Delhi. It was made in one colour (dark blue) and sold it to the students and community members at the cheapest possible price.

4.7. Medical Support: Even though the committee could not provide all the needs of the student in case of medicinal need, but it takes responsibility in providing some of the medicine for urgent need. One Blood Pressure checking set, sphygmomanometer mercurial with stethoscope, was bought for the use of students. The committee also takes responsibility in taking students to the Hospital whenever necessary. It was also resolved in the committee to continue helping hospitalized students by giving Rs 1,000/. Hence, one student was given this financial aid.

4.8. Condolence: It is the yearly practice of the SWC to give condolence to the students who lost their immediate family members or who are staying under one roof. Condolence in the form of written memorium was given to two students.

4.9. Scholarship: The committee continues applying scholarship for the students.

4.10. Debate Competition:    The committee organized a debate competition on the topic ‘Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is good’ on 20th Feb. 2020 (State Day). Best Mover prize was given to Lalropuia (BD III) and Best Opposer prize was given to MC Vanromawia (BD III).

4.11. Others:  The committee gives away the SWC Award to students those who secure more than 70 in any subjects. Outgoing leaders are also given mementos in appreciation for their contribution to the institution. The SWC donated two steel long-chairs for the Mission building and three plastic doors for men’s hostel.

            Finally, my sincere thanks and gratitude goes to the Almighty God whose ever guidance was experienced by the SWC throughout this session, to the faculty council for entrusting me to hold this post, to the principal for the support and creative inputs for the SWC and to all the students for the kind cooperation throughout the session. All your precious contributions, supports and cooperation made the SWC alive and active to serve its purpose till today.

May God bless you all.

May God bless AICS, Thank you.

Hostel and Mess Committee: 2019-2020

Jacob Lalnunhlua, Secretary

It is indeed a privilege and an honour for me to write a brief report of the Hostel & Mess Committee and its concern for the academic year 2019-2020. I on behalf of the hostel and mess committee congratulate the Magazine Committee for bringing out annual magazine 2019-2020.

The Hostel and Mess committee is established for the well and proper functioning of the hostel administration, and for the well maintenance of the hostel mess. Followings are the details of Hostel and Mess Committee which includes duties and responsibilities of the committee.

1.         Persons in charge of the Hostel for the Academic Year 2018-2019:

Warden of Men’s Hostel                    : Rev. H. Ramthianghlima
Warden of Women’s Hostel               : Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum
Hostel Secretary                                  : Mr. Jacob Lalnunhlua, B.D. Final Year
Asst. Hostel Secretary (Women’s)     : Ms. Rody VL Hmingchhuanawmi, M.Div. Final Year
Asst. Hostel Secretary (Men’s)           : Mr.  C. Lalropuia, B.D. III

2.         Strength of the Hostellers:

            There are two Hostel buildings; both men and women have separate hostel buildings. The strength of the hostellers therefore are 143 in which Diploma in Mission Studies, M. Th., B.D., M. Div. are included. The followings are the strength of the students based on the courses/classes that they are doing:

Pro-Pastors5B.D. II22
Dip. Mission studies12B.D. I23
M.Th. II6M.Div. III7
M.Th. I8M.Div. II7
B.D.  IV20M.Div. I12
B.D.  III21  

3.         Mess Committee Members:

            The Mess Committee consists of the two Hostel Wardens, Hostel secretaries, Secretary of Students’ Welfare Committee and one representative from each batch from B.D. including Diploma in Mission Studies, and one representative from M.Div. The following is the members of the Hostel and Mess Committee:

Warden of Men’s Hostel                    : Rev. H. Ramthianghlima
Warden of Women’s Hostel              : Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum
Hostel Secretary                                  : Mr. Jacob Lalnunhlua, B.D. Final Year
Asst. Hostel Secretary (Women’s)    : Ms. Rody VL Hmingchhuanawmi, M.Div. Final Year
Asst. Hostel Secretary (Men’s)          : Mr.  C. Lalropuia, B.D. III
Secretary SWC                                   : Mr. K. Malsawmthanga, B.D. Final Year
Diploma in Mission Studies              : Ms. A. Lalhmingsangi
Final Year                                           : Mr. J. Lalramchhana
Pre- Final year                                     : Ms. F. Lalrinfela
Second Year                                        : Mr. Rosangzuala
First Year                                            : Mr. Vanlalrobuanga
M.Div  Representative                     : Ms. Lalnunpari Hrangkhawl

4.         Mess matters:

            Concerning Mess matters, the Hostel and Mess Committee is responsible for deciding the menu, evaluating the mess audit reports and overall maintenance of the kitchen and dining hall. The mess committee is summoned whenever necessary. The Men’s Hostel Secretaries are responsible for appointing mess managers and auditors. Mess managers are appointed from the students; the mess management committee consists of Leader, Secretary, Treasurer and six members. The duration of one mess management is usually half a month. Mess managers are responsible for keeping the storeroom of the dining hall. The mess managers are responsible for providing the best they can with whatever is sanctioned from the Principal’s office. Their management accounts are recorded and scrutinized by the mess committee. On the last day of each mess management, the managers are evaluated by using the ballot voting system to select the best mess managers for the academic year and prizes were being made for these awards. Further, servers are appointed by the Hostel Secretaries on daily basis and noon time meals are served by the mess managers.

5.         Cleanliness:

            Maintaining Cleanliness is a part and parcel of AICS way of life. To ensure cleanliness of the Hostels, students of each floor are appointed on a daily basis. The floors, toilets, corridors, and bathrooms are cleansed every morning.

6.         Water management:

            As water is highly demanded, and is therefore carefully managed. Almost throughout the year water has been pump up from Tuithum river except on dry season. Apart from the Asst. Secy (Men’s) two students are appointed for the duration of two weeks each to help in water management. During dry season, two or three specific days in a week have been set aside for washing days in both men’s and women’s hostel.

7.         Discipline:

            All students are expected to rise at 5:00 AM., in summer and at 5:30 AM., in winter. First year students are usually appointed to ring the rising bell based on the seasonal rising time. The Hostel secretaries are responsible and accountable in maintaining discipline in the dining hall and in the hostel buildings. Speaking in English, wearing descent dress in the dining hall and maintaining behaviour with everyone are obligatory and emphasized.

8.         Words of Gratitude:

            It is my joy to say that I have seen and experienced the faithfulness and mercy of God throughout my studies here in AICS, and I thank God for what he had done unto me. I sincerely give thanks to the Hostel Warden, Rev. H. Ramthianghlima and Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum for their care, concern and support. At the same time I give thanks to the faculty council for entrusting this responsibility in spite of knowing the limited wisdom and capability that I have. I also give thanks to our respected Principal, Rev. Dr. V. L. Chawnna Khiangte for the endless and generous support and concerns that he have for us. And I personally give thanks to Mr. C. Lalropuia and Ms. Rody V. L. Hmingchhuanawmi for assisting me throughout this academic session. May the Good Lord continue to shine His face upon AICS.

Worship and Music Committee: 2019-2020

Zoengmawia, Secretary

On behalf of the Worship and Music Committee, I congratulate the Editorial Board of Shekina Annual Magazine 2019-2020 for publishing another AICS magazine. I am filled with joy and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Editorial Board for giving me a chance to bring out the marvelous works of God which our eyes behold during the Academic year 2019-2020. The Worship and Music Committee, as it stands to promote the true essence of worship, is delighted to bring to you the annual reports through which we could say again ‘This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes.’ The following are the reports and activities of the Worship and Music Committee for this Academic Year 2019-2020:

1.         Worship and Music Committee Members:

1.1.      Office Bearers:

Faculty Incharge     – Mr. Johny C. Lalhmingmawia, Asst. Professor
Secretary                 – Zoengmawia, BD IV
Assistant Secretary   – Henry Lalchunglura, BD III
Treasurer                    – Lalrinngheti, M. Div. III

1.2.      Executive Committee Members:

  1. CRL Muanpuia, BD IV
  2. Joseph Lalrinawma, BD IV
  3. Samuel Khobung, BD III
  4. Pobonjoy Reang, M. Div III
  5. Esther J. Vanlallianpuii, BD II
  6. H. Lalnunziri, M. Div II
  7. Zorindika Ralte, BD I
  8. Linda Lalramluahpuii, M. Div. I

2.   Executive Committee Meetings:

            The Office Bearer meeting was held once and Executive Committee was held for four times during the academic session 2019-2020.Informal meetings were also held frequently.

3.   Achievements:

            The Executive Committee held on 24th June,2019 laid down several Plans for the year and it is an honor for me to report the achievements as follows-

            1)         Buying Cushions for Chapel: The Committee felt utmost joy as we are relieved by the generosity of the former Principal Rev. Dr. RL. Hnuni who had donated 11 Cushions for the pews in the chapel.

            2)         Buying flowers: Flowers worth Rs. 11,000 were brought.

            3)         Projector Wall-mount: New Projector wall-mount was set up in the Chapel.

            4)         Microphone: 2 Microphones which can either be used as microphone or as a Condenser were brought.

            5)         Training for Sound and Projector Operator: With the help of the senior students trainings for both sound and projector operators were conducted successfully.

            6)         Visiting Orphanage: In collaboration with the SCMI, AICS Unit, charity of Rs. 3,000 each was given to six Families in and around Tanhril locality.

            7)         Buying Acoustic Guitar: An Acoustic guitar was bought for Rs. 15,900.

            8)         Buying Small Drum (Khuangte) and Stand: A new Small Drum (Khuangte) worth Rs. 2,000 was bought along with its stand.

4.         Special Programs and Events:

            4.1.      Retreat:

            As Spiritual Retreat along with Intellectuality is one of the main focuses of AICS, Annual Retreat of AICS is held every year towards the beginning of the session to rekindle the Spiritual life of the community. The same is conducted during 6th – 7th July, 2019. This year we are blessed by the inspiring messages of the Speaker, Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak who is mightily used by God. The Retreat is also enriched with a delightful feast enjoyed by the whole community organized by the Worship and Music Committee.

            4.2.      College Day Celebration:

            Unlike other years the Committee was entrusted to organize the College Day celebration which was celebrated in the night on the occasion of AICS day. The Committee successfully organized the celebration programme and the community members enjoyed the Celebration.

            4.3.      Pastoral Prayer:

            Pastoral Prayer for the Birthday and Anniversary Celebrants is held on the first Sunday Afternoon Worship Service of every month, where Pastoral prayer is conducted for them.

5.         Departments under Worship and Music Committee:

            5.1.      Fellowship Group:

            The whole Community members, both the Faculty members and the students are divided into eleven Fellowship Groups who had their meeting twice during this Academic Year, who enjoyed their Koinonia with light refreshment on the first meeting and fellowship group dinner on the next.

            5.2.      Fruits and Sunday Schools:

            The Children in the Community known as The Fruits have their own fellowship every Sunday morning at 7:00 am and Sunday School at 10:00 am under the guidance of the faculty in-charge with the help of the appointed leaders among students.

            Lastly, I would like to give thanks to God, and also to the Principal and the Faculty members who in spite of all my limitations entrusted me to pursue my theological studies in AICS, and to hold this respectable responsibility. I would also like to extend my words of appreciation to all the Worship and Music Committee members for the excellent co-operation that we had.

May the good Lord continue to bless AICS

Student Christian Movements of India, AICS Unit: 2019-2020

FP Lalthathanga, Secretary

I feel blessed and honoured to give the Student Christian Movement of India, AICS Unit’s report for the academic session of 2019-2020 in the college Annual Magazine. Firstly, I thank the almighty God who leads us and guides us throughout the academic session and through whom we could do all our activities successfully. Secondly, I, on behalf of the SCMI members give thanks to the Faculty council for supporting us and allowing us to attain our plans and projects for this year. We know that whatever the committee has done, they were done only because of the support and co-operation we received from the faculty council.

Following are the reports and activities of AICS unit:

1. Membership: For the academic session we have 164 members; 143 students and 21 senior members (Faculties).

2. Office Bearers: Following are the elected office bearers for 2019-2020:

President                  : Mr. V. Vanlaltlanhlua (BD IV)
Vice President          : Mr. Jack Lalfakawma Zadeng (BD III)
Secretary                  : Mr. FP Lalthathanga (M div III)
Asst. Secretary         : Mr. ZD Laltanpuia (BD III)
Treasurer                  : Ms. Pari Chinzah (BD IV)
Finance Secretary    : Ms. Esther Lalnunpuii (BD III)
Senior Advisor         : Mr. Laltlankima Hnamler, Asst Prof. (Given by the Faculty Council)

3. Executive Committee members: The office bearers committee selected the following persons for the Executive Committee members.

1.   Mr. C. Vanlalhriata, BD IV
2.   Mr. D. Lamkhosei Haokip, BD IV
3.   Mr. C. Lalnuntlana, M.Div III
4.   Mr. F.C. Lalhruaizela, Dip. M.S.
5.   Mr. Lalnunzira, BD III
6.   Mr. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
7.   Mr. Ivan Lalnunpuia, BD II
8.   Mr. Keneth M. Chinzah, BD II
9.   Ms. R. Lalramhmuaki, M.Div II
10. Ms. Chinkholhing Haokip, BD II
11. Mr. Jonathan Laltleipuia, BD I
12. Mr. Zoherliana, BD I
13. Mr. Lin Lin Sein, BD I
14. Ms. T. Lalremruatpuii, M.Div I
15. Ms. N. Vanlalfeli, BD I


4.1. Social Service: Social service was conducted on the Independence Day, 15thAugust 2019 (Thu). We cleaned all the plastic and polythene materials starting from the college to Ramrikawn Market area. Around 120 students and some faculty members were taking part. We are thankful to the UD&PA, Directorate Office and Aizawl Municipal Council for sponsoring us in cash and kind.

4.2. Blood Donation: Blood Donation Camp was conducted on 28th October 2019 (Mon). 46 units of blood were donated to Civil Hospital Blood Bank. We are very happy that this year 7 ladies donated their blood, which is the highest lady donors recorded in our college so far.

4.3. Charity Ministry: In collaboration with Worship and Music Committee, on 4th December 2019 we had a charity ministry. We asked two YMA branches in Tanhril area to select 3 families in their area. And we gave Rs. 3,000 each to six families. It was challenging and really inspiring as well.

4.4. Attending ATC Golden Jubilee Celebration: Aizawl Theological College Unit invited us to attend their Golden Jubilee celebration on 24th October 2019. All the Office Bearers and some Executive Committee members attended the programme. Citation was presented on behalf of AICS unit.

4.5. SCMI Regional Camp: We give thanks to the Faculty Council for allowing all the Office Bearers to attend the SCMI Regional Camp which was held on 15-18th January 2020 at Aizawl Theological College. In this programme, Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha and Rev. Dr. R.L. Hnuni presented papers which were really appreciated by the students. They made us proud. We are thankful to them.

4.6. SCMI Inter-Cultural Worship: This is one of the most celebrated days during the academic sessions. It was conducted on 23rd February 2020 (Sun). Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha delivered the message with a theme of ‘Strings.’ The committee selected students from different tribes to take part in this worship service. The main purpose of this programme was to celebrate our unity in diversity. AICS unit is comprised of more than 13 different tribes and ethnic backgrounds. Unity in diversity will always be the theme of our unit.

4.7. SCMI Nite: This programme is also one of the most anticipated moments in an academic year. It was successfully conducted at 23rd February 2020 (Sun) night. The students and the community members attended the programme. The programme was blessed with the presence of One in Christ, possibly the most successful gospel group singers presently in Mizoram.

4.8. Fasting Prayer: Fasting Prayer services are conducted every Wednesday evening. Within this academic year, we could conduct 27 times where approximately 45-55 students attended. Offering box is kept at the door, and those amounts were used for charity ministry.

5. FUND RAISING: This year 2019-2020 Session, with the co-operation of all the students we could raise fund approximately 1.5 lakhs. We are so thankful to all the students and faculty council for their support. Means of our fund raisings are:

5.1. Funfair: It was conducted successfully on the college Day, i.e. 18th October, 2019. This programme is not only for fund raising but also a great time for the community. Mr. Harikardev (Chachu), Chowkidar was invited to be the Chief Guest. All the community members including students and teachers of Junior School celebrated the day. Several games were played, and it was successfully and colourfully done.

5.2. Book Selling: This year the committee was selling the book, Nang ilo awm reng si written by Mr. & Mrs. Rev. P. C. Muanthanga from which we could collect profit of Rs. 4,000.

5.3. T-Shirt: Unlike the other years, we sold number of pieces to the local churches in Aizawl city and also to the community members. This is one of the main sources of our income generation.

5.4. Calendar: We have made 2020 calendar. Every student took them home and sold to in own local churches.

5.5. Sticker: We have a sticker for vehicle and gadgets. From this also we could collect some amount.

            To conclude the report, once again I sincerely thank the Principal and staffs and all the students for the good suggestions, advices and co-operation. Especially, I would like to give thanks to Mr. H. Laltlankima, the faculty guide for his valuable suggestions and his always presence in times of need.

SCMI will always stand for unity and harmony among the students. May God bless SCMI, AICS Unit.

Games & Sports Committee: 2019-2020

C. Lalrinzuala, Secretary

From its very inception, AICS was blessed with people having various talents and skills. Its openness toward the diverse nature, interests and talents promoted AICS to develop in different areas.

Games & Sports are one of the most significant features in AICS. Both Indoor and outdoor games are enjoyed here. AICS owns its own Basketball court, a volleyball court, TT room, gym, and shares a football ground with the government’s Tribal Art Centre.

Every year, AICS organize an annual sports and a night of fun and entertainments. Students, both men and women, the faculty members, office staffs and the community members- everyone participate in different events and items.

The Games and Sports Committee also organize AICS IDOL (singing Competition) and Worship Dance, and also Rap Competitions. Such events are conducted and arranged with sincere regulations abiding along Theological appropriation.

The Games and Sports Committee is funded by the AICS OFFICE, and also receives equipment from the government time to time.

The committee has 8 members, two secretaries. However, from the session of 2020-2021, the committee will comprise of three secretaries as per resolution of the college. The committee 2019-2020 is guided by Mr. Joel Zoramthanga, Asst. Professor, faculty in-charge of Games and Sports Committee.

Social Work: 2019-2020

K. Lalkawngdika, Secretary

I feel honored and fortunate to take this privilege to write a brief report on Social work committee and its concerns for the academic year of 2019-2020. I on behalf of the Social Work Committee would like to give thanks to the Magazine Editorial Board for giving me the privilege to write the Social Work Report. Here is the report from the desk of the Social Work Secretary.

1. In charges of Social Work committee for the Academic year of 2019-2020

Faculty in charge: Rev. H. Ramthianghlima
Secretary: K. Lalkawngdika
Asistant Secretary: Lalrinchhunga Fanai

2. Aims and Objectives

            The main aim of Social Work is maintaining cleanliness in the Campus and developing the college through Social work.

3. Time of Social work

            In a week, we usually set aside Saturday for social work. Duration of social work is around one and a half hour. The bell is rung at 6:15 am and work is conducted till 7:45 am.

4. Activities

4.1. Campus Cleaning: One of the main focuses of social work is campus cleaning which includes sweeping, cleaning retaining walls, collecting plastic items and grass cutting.

4.2. Hostel, Chapel and Dining Hall Cleaning: In social work, we make three things as usual routine of cleaning such as Hostel, Chapel and Dining Hall. These are where people gather together as worship, eating and living. We usually do cleaning like Sweeping, removing cobwebs, corridors, cleaning wash basins and toilets.

4.3. Beautifying and planting trees: Beautifying and trees planting play an important role in social work. Beautifying is one of the mirrors of AICS and which makes the beauty of the campus. And also tree planting is one of the projects of social work which makes the campus more attractive and a comfortable place for people.

4.4. Zero Waste Management: In our campus, we have one project called Zero Waste Management. It is the place where we can keep all wastes which later become a good soils and which is use for cultivation of crops. In this project, every Saturday we send some people to work there for the development of the project.

4.6. Development of College: Apart from others, for the development of college, students lend their help in building construction of library and garage.

            I would like to thank our Almighty God who sustains my life and is guiding me in fulfilling my responsibility and also I would like to thank our Principal and Faculty Council for supporting us in fulfilling our responsibilities. Secondly, I thank the faculty guide Rev. Ramthianghlima for always being the backbone of the success of Social Work. I also convey my gratitude to Assistant Secretary Mr. Lalrinchhunga Fanai for tirelessly lending his energy to make the Social Work fruitful. Last but not the least I would like to give thanks to all the students for the co-operation and support that we receive throughout the whole academic session.