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Hostel & Mess

The Hostel and Mess committee is established for the well and proper functioning of the Hostel administration, and for the well maintenance of the hostel mess. Followings are the details of Hostel and Mess Committee which includes duties and responsibilities of the committee.

  1. Persons in charge of the Hostel for the Academic Year 2019-2020:

Warden of Men’s Hostel                    : Rev. H. Ramthianghlima

Warden of Women’s Hostel              : Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum

Hostel Secretary                                 : Mr. Vanlalbiakhluna, B.D. Final Year

Asst. Hostel Secretary (Women’s)   : Ms. Esther Vanlallianpuii, B.D. Final Year

Asst. Hostel Secretary (Men’s)         : Mr.  Zoherliana Chawngthu, B.D. III

  1. Strength of the Hostellers:

There are two Hostel buildings; both men and women have separate hostel buildings. The strength of the hostellers therefore are 143 in which Diploma in Mission Studies, M. Th., B.D., M. Div. are included.

  1. Mess committee Members:

The Mess Committee consists of the two Hostel Wardens, Hostel secretaries, Secretary of Student’s Welfare Committee  and one representative from each batch from B.D. including Diploma in Mission Studies, and one representative from M.Div. The following are the members of the Hostel and Mess Committee 2019-2020:

            Warden of Men’s Hostel                    : Rev. H. Ramthianghlima

            Warden of Women’s Hostel               : Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum

            Hostel Secretary                                  : Mr. Jacob Lalnunhlua, B.D. Final Year       

            Asst. Hostel Secy. (Women’s)           : Esther Vanlallianpuii, B.D. Final Year          

            Asst. Hostel Secy. (Men’s)                 : Mr.  Zoherliana Chawngthu, B.D. III

            Secretary SWC                                     : Mr. Lalfakawma Tlangte, B.D. Final Year

            Diploma in Mission Studies               : 

            Final Year                                              : 

            Pre- Final year                                       : 

            Second Year                                          : 

            First Year                                                : 

            M.Div  Representative                          : 

  1. Mess matters:

Concerning Mess matters, the Hostel and Mess Committee is responsible for deciding the menu, evaluating the mess audit reports and overall maintenance of the kitchen and dining hall. The mess committee is summoned whenever necessary. The Men’s Hostel Secretaries are responsible for appointing mess managers and auditors. Mess managers are appointed from the students; the mess management committee consist of Leader, Secretary, Treasurer and six members. The duration of one mess management is usually half a month. Mess managers are responsible for keeping the storeroom of the dining hall. The mess managers are responsible for providing the best they can with whatever is sanctioned from the Principal’s office. Their management accounts are recorded and scrutinized by the mess committee. On the last day of each mess management, the managers are evaluated by using the ballot voting system to select the best mess managers for the academic year and prizes were being made for these awards. Further, servers are appointed by the Hostel Secretaries on daily basis and noon time meals are served by the mess managers.

  1. Cleanliness:

Maintaining Cleanliness is a part and parcel of AICS way of life. To ensure cleanliness of the Hostels, students of each floor are appointed on a daily basis. The floors, toilets, corridors, and bathroom are cleansed every morning.

  1. Water management:

As water is highly demanded, and is therefore carefully managed. Almost throughout the year water has been pump up from Tuithum river except on dry season. Apart from the Asst. Secy (Men’s) two students are appointed for the duration of two weeks each to help in water management. During dry season, two or three specific days in a week have been set aside for washing days in both men’s and women’s hostel.

  1. Discipline:

All students are expected to rise at 5:00 AM., in summer and at 5:30 AM., in winter. First year students are usually appointed to ring the rising bell based on the seasonal rising time. The Hostel secretaries are responsible and accountable in maintaining discipline in the dining hall and in the hostel buildings. Speaking in English, wearing descent dress in the dining hall and maintaining behaviour with everyone are obligatory and emphasized.

Beside these, the committee also resolves certain agendum so as to maintain the Hostel and Mess for the welfare and development of the students in various spheres of life.

Hostel & Mess Committee 2019 - 2020
Wardens & Hostel Secretaries 2019-2020