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Student Christian Movements of India

Student Christian Movement of India is an Ecumenical fellowship where students, senior members and associate members can participate. It is a national fellowship in which a country rich in its varied cutural and linguistic pluralities. It is also an international fellowship. The S.C.M.I is a constituent member of the World Student Christian Federartion (W.S.C.F) where different nationalities, cultural expressions and church traditions meet. S.C.M.I A.I.C.S Unit was formed in 2002 and still functions today with various plans and projects to create unity and harmony among the members.

Following are the various activities of AICS unit:

1. Membership: For the academic session 2019-2020 we have 164 members; 143 students and 21 senior members (Faculties).

2. Office Bearers: Following are the elected office bearers for 2019-2020:

President                  : Mr. V. Vanlaltlanhlua (BD IV)
Vice President         : Mr. Jack Lalfakawma Zadeng (BD III)
Secretary                  : Mr. FP Lalthathanga (M div III)
Asst. Secretary        : Mr. ZD Laltanpuia (BD III)
Treasurer                  : Ms. Pari Chinzah (BD IV)
Finance Secretary   : Ms. Esther Lalnunpuii (BD III)
Senior Advisor         : Mr. Laltlankima Hnamler, Asst Prof. (Given by the Faculty Council)

3. Executive Committee members: The office bearers committee selected the following persons for the Executive Committee members.

1.   Mr. C. Vanlalhriata, BD IV
2.   Mr. D. Lamkhosei Haokip, BD IV
3.   Mr. C. Lalnuntlana, M.Div III
4.   Mr. F.C. Lalhruaizela, Dip. M.S.
5.   Mr. Lalnunzira, BD III
6.   Mr. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
7.   Mr. Ivan Lalnunpuia, BD II
8.   Mr. Keneth M. Chinzah, BD II
9.   Ms. R. Lalramhmuaki, M.Div II
10. Ms. Chinkholhing Haokip, BD II
11. Mr. Jonathan Laltleipuia, BD I
12. Mr. Zoherliana, BD I
13. Mr. Lin Lin Sein, BD I
14. Ms. T. Lalremruatpuii, M.Div I
15. Ms. N. Vanlalfeli, BD I


4.1. Social Service: Social service was conducted on the Independence Day, 15thAugust 2019 (Thu). We cleaned all the plastic and polythene materials starting from the college to Ramrikawn Market area. Around 120 students and some faculty members were taking part. We are thankful to the UD&PA, Directorate Office and Aizawl Municipal Council for sponsoring us in cash and kind.

4.2. Blood Donation: Blood Donation Camp was conducted and was donated to Civil Hospital Blood Bank. This is one of the best activities the SCMI organise each year.

4.3. Charity Ministry: Charity is one the activities that SCMI did in the past years. It searches for the families who are in need. SCMI AICS Unit march out to support them giving a token of love to help them though the amount could not be huge.

4.4. SCMI Regional Camp: SCMI Regional Camp is an exciting yet challenging programme for SCMI. The North East Regional Camp is organise annually where students of different cultures, tribes and language come together to have a fellowship and interaction to create Unity in Diversites. AICS also took part in these programmes

4.5. SCMI Inter-Cultural Worship: This is one of the most celebrated days during the academic sessions. The committee selected students from different tribes to take part in this worship service. The main purpose of this programme was to celebrate our unity in diversity. AICS unit is comprised of more than 13 different tribes and ethnic backgrounds. Unity in diversity will always be the theme of our unit.

4.6. SCMI Nite: This programme is also one of the most anticipated moments in an academic year. The students and the community members attended the programme. The programme was blessed with renowed singers, preachers and various performances from the students. Members of SCMI as well as families and Special guests enjoyed this special programme.

4.7. Fasting Prayer: Fasting Prayer services are conducted every Wednesday evening.  Offering box is kept at the door, and those amounts were used for charity ministry.

5. FUND RAISING: As SCMI is an independent body, it needs to raise funds in order to move forward to reach its plans and projects. Here are some of the Fund Raising activities:

5.1. Funfair: It is mostly conducted on the College Day (18th October). This programme is not only for fund raising but also a great time for the community. All the community members including students and teachers of Junior School celebrated the day. Several games were played, skills and good technique players have got chance to earn amazing prizes.

5.2. Book Selling

5.3. T-Shirt

5.4. Calendar

Office Bearer 2019-2020
Executive Committee members 2019-2020