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Social Work

           The main aim of Social Work is maintaining cleanliness in the Campus and developing the college through Social work.

Time of Social work

            In a week, we usually set aside Saturday for social work. Duration of social work is around one and a half hour. The bell is rung at 6:15 am and work is conducted till 7:45 am.


  • Campus Cleaning: One of the main focuses of social work is campus cleaning which includes sweeping, cleaning retaining walls, collecting plastic items and grass cutting.
  • Hostel, Chapel and Dining Hall Cleaning: In social work, we make three things as usual routine of cleaning such as Hostel, Chapel and Dining Hall. These are where people gather together as worship, eating and living. We usually do cleaning like Sweeping, removing cobwebs, corridors, cleaning wash basins and toilets.
  • Beautifying and planting trees: Beautifying and trees planting play an important role in social work. Beautifying is one of the mirrors of AICS and which makes the beauty of the campus. And also tree planting is one of the projects of social work which makes the campus more attractive and a comfortable place for people.
  • Zero Waste Management: In our campus, we have one project called Zero Waste Management. It is the place where we can keep all wastes which later become a good soils and which is use for cultivation of crops. In this project, every Saturday we send some people to work there for the development of the project.
Secretaries and Faculty in-charge 2019-2020