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Students Welfare


STUDENTS WELFARE COMMITTEE stands for the welfare of the students, it tries its level best to support students in times of their need. The SWC is also receiving great support from the students, faculty council and AICS community in order to achieve the different plans and programmes. Following are the annual report and activities during the academic session 2019-2020.

1. Members of SWC: The SWC members consist of all AICS students of different courses (B.D, M.Div, M.Th, DMS) from various states in North-East India and abroad.

2. Office Bearers (2019-2020):

Chairperson                : Rev. Dr.Vanlalchhawna Khiangte, Principal, AICS.
Secretary                     : K. Malsawmthanga, BD – IV
Asst. Secretary           : J. Lalrinawma, BD – III
Treasurer                     : NgabomTasar, BD – IV

3. Executive Committee Members (2019-2020): For the executive committee members, it has been decided that class representative of each classes will be appointed automatically.

  1. David C. Lalnunkima, BD – IV
  2. Moi Nyorak, BD III
  3. Vanlalbiakhluna, BD II
  4. M. Lalchungnunga, BD I
  5. K. Lalrinzuala, M.Div III
  6. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
  7. Lalrammuana, M.Div I
  8. Paokhohang Chongloi, M.Th II
  9. RC. Lalhlimawma, M.Th I
  10. R. Lalfeli, DMS

4. Activities: The following points are various activities the SWC conduct annually.

4.1. Committee Meeting

4.2. Membership fee and Monthly contribution

4.3. Freshers’ Nite: One of the main activities of SWC was organizing Freshers’ Nite to welcome the new members.

4.4. Observing National Holidays: The committee organise a special programme on Republic Day and Independence Day every year if no further problem occurs. The programme was organised in front of the main building.

4.5. Teachers’ Day: The committee is reponsible for organising Teachers’ Day celebration programme to honour our teachers.

4.6. College T-shirt: The committee took initiatives to prepare college T-shirt for the students and community members.

4.7. Medical Support: Even though the committee could not provide all the needs of the student in case of medicinal need, but it takes responsibility in providing some of the medicine for urgent need.

4.8. Condolence: It is the yearly practice of the SWC to give condolence to the students who lost their immediate family members or who are staying under one roof. Condolence in the form of written memorium.

4.9. Scholarship: The committee continues applying scholarship for the students.

4.10. Debate Competition:    The committee organized a debate competition on specific topics to provoke the minds and capacities of the students. Prizes were distributed to the winner and the Best Mover as well as Best Opposer.

SWC Office Bearer 2019-2020
Executive Committee members 2019-2020