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Worship & Music


The Worship and Music Committee promoteS the true essence of worship. The Committee is responsible for maintaining the worship life as well as the spiritual life of AICS.

1.         Worship and Music Committee Members (2019-2020):

1.1.      Office Bearers:

Faculty Incharge       – Mr. Johny C. Lalhmingmawia, Asst. Professor
Secretary                    – Zoengmawia, BD IV
Assistant Secretary   – Henry Lalchunglura, BD III
Treasurer                    – Lalrinngheti, M. Div. III

1.2.      Executive Committee Members:

  1. CRL Muanpuia, BD IV
  2. Joseph Lalrinawma, BD IV
  3. Samuel Khobung, BD III
  4. Pobonjoy Reang, M. Div III
  5. Esther J. Vanlallianpuii, BD II
  6. H. Lalnunziri, M. Div II
  7. Zorindika Ralte, BD I
  8. Linda Lalramluahpuii, M. Div. 

2. Special Programs and Events:

            2.1.      Retreat:

            As Spiritual Retreat along with Intellectuality is one of the main focuses of AICS, Annual Retreat of AICS is held every year towards the beginning of the session to rekindle the Spiritual life of the community.

            2.2.      Pastoral Prayer:

            Pastoral Prayer for the Birthday and Anniversary Celebrants is held on the first Sunday Afternoon Worship Service of every month, where Pastoral prayer is conducted for them.

3.         Departments under Worship and Music Committee:

            3.1.      Fellowship Group:

            The whole Community members, both the Faculty members and the students are divided into several Fellowship Groups who had their meeting during the Academic Year, who enjoyed their Koinonia with refreshments and dinner.

            3.2.      Fruits and Sunday Schools:

            The Children in the Community known as The Fruits have their own fellowship every Sunday morning at 7:00 am and Sunday School at 10:00 am under the guidance of the faculty in-charge with the help of the appointed leaders among students.

4.         Worship Time

Morning Devotion          : 7:00 A.M Every morning except Saturday

Sunday morning prayer : 6:30 A.M

Vespers                            : 6:00 P.M Every evening except Sunday evening

Sunday worship               : 10:00 A.M (Morning), 3:00 P.M (Evening)

Singspiration                    : 7:00 P.M Every Sunday Evening

Office Bearer 2019-2020
Executive Committee members 2019-2020