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THESIS : Bachelor of Divinity (B.D)

CodeNameTitle of Thesis
BD/01Siamliana, L.,The Wife of the Pastor in Mizoram
BD/02Thazauva The Problems and Needs of Young People with special refernce to Mizoram
BD/03R. LianhnuniA Comparative Study on Prophecies of Amos and Hosea and their Relevance to the Indian Situation
BD/04F.RammawiaChristianity in South Mizoram
BD/05F. SangvelaA Critical Evaluation of the Teaching of Lalchungnunga on Healing in the Light of Biblical Teaching
BD/06C. ZatawnaSt. Paul’s Missionary Methods and the Evaluation of Zoram Baptist in its Light
BD/07S. ThanchhungiImpact of Some of the Pioneering Missionaries on the Baptist Churchin Southern Mizoram
BD/08Lalthlamuana Mizo Women and Leadership Role in the Church : A Case Study of Mizoram Presby.Church and the BCM
BD/09K. LalrinthangaStudy of Missionary Strategy
BD/10L. Imli Sempo,Righteousness in the Thought of St. Paul with special reference to the Book of Romans
BD/11K.LallungmuanaExamination of the Understanding of Baptism
BD/12V.LalzarlianaAn Evaluation of the Pastoral Ministry in BCM
BD/13R.D. Mawia RalteAn Evaluation of Samartha Christology in the Context of Religious Pluralism in India
BD/14R. LalthanmawiaA Study of the Music of the Mizos and its use in Contemporary Worship
BD/15James ChuaukailianaA Study on the Influence of the Internet on Mizo Youth
BD/16Lalfakzuala HrahselEcological Crisis in Mizoram and Responses of the Mizo Christians : A Christian Ethical Perspective
BD/17Lianchhunga KhiangteA Rethinking of Spirituality in the Writings of John Calvin and its Implications for the Christian in Mizoram
BD/18C. LalruatthangaA Historical Analysis of the Mission Activities of ZBM of the BCM
BD/19C. LalsawmlianaImpact of Christianity on the Status of Mizo Women with the Contributions of the BCM
BD/20J. LalvarlianiAn Analysis of Christian Education Programme of the BCM with spl.ref. to the Sunday School Ministry
BD/21 Israel P UpponiThe Role of Laity in Evangelism among the Non-Mizo People in Mizoram : An appraisal
BD/22V. BiaknunsangaMarital Problems in Mizo Society with Special ref. to the Area of BCM
BD/23Lalremsiama FanaiA Challenge for Social Justice in Mizo Society with the Book of Amos
BD/24C. LalbiakzualaA Comparative Study on the Mizo Concept of Pialral & the Hebrew Concept of Heaven
BD/25J. LalduhawmaUnderstanding of Spirituality by Contemporary Mizo Christian : A Critique
BD/26H. LalengmawiaThe Problem of Bribery in Mizoram
BD/27LalfamkimaThe Influence of Information Technology on the Mizo Society
BD/28P.C. LalmuankimaImpact of Christianity upon the Life of Mizo Children
BD/29R. LalmuanzualaA Study of the Impact of Politics Among the Mizo Christians
BD/30V. LalramsangaThe Impact of Christianity on the Tlanglau Tribe in the South Western Part of Mizoram
BD/31K. LalrengpuiiAn Analysis of Sunday School in the BCM : A Search to Suggest…
BD/32Rabha, PrasenjitCommunicating the Gospel to Rabha Tribe
BD/33Zonunvula RalteThe Origin and Growth of the Baptist Church in Jampui, Tripura
BD/34K.RohminglianiThe Ministry of Mizoram Baptist Kohhran Hmeichhe Pawl (MBKHP)
BD/35Rothangpuia, B.,A Comparative Study on the use of Blood and its Significance in the OT & the Mizo Religious Tradition
BD/36Jame ZorammawiaThe Life and Contributions of “Tirhkoh” Towards the Growth and Dev….
BD/37Silas Jangminlen HaokipTowards a Holistic Mission: A Study of Mission Work in Manipur with Kuki Baptist Convention
BD/38Vanlalhruaia HlychhoThe Relationship Between the BCM and Presby Church of India,Mizoram Synod with the Zoram Pawn Mizo Kristian
BD/39K. LalhnehlianaAssesment of the Revival Movement in the 21st Century in Mizoram
BD/40R. LalrinmawiaThe Problem of HIV/AIDS : A Challenge for Christian Ministry in Mizoram
BD/41Lalchhuanawma SailoA Study of Ropuiliani’s Contribution in Mizoram Politics : A Challenge for the Mizo Christian Involvement in Politics Today
BD/42Lalmuanzuala SailoChurch’s Response to the Problem of Alcoholism in Mizo Society
BD/43C.VanlalhruaiaThe Origin and Growth of BCM (Mampui)
BD/44P.C.VanlalmuanaA Study of Mizo Myths and their Significance in Mizo Society
BD/45Pranob Kumar BoroOrigin and Growth of Christianity among the Bodos with spl.ref. to the Bodoland Baptist Church Assn.
BD/46Zothansanga ChongthuAn Appraisal of the Social Dynamics of Conversion to Xnity as a means of Dalit Identification
BD/47Fung mangA Study of  the Status and Role of Chin Women with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar
BD/48Paokhohao HaokipRe-Discovery of Traditional Institution for the kukis in Manipur with Lawm and Sawm
BD/49Lalbiakhlua Chawngthu,The Problems of Poverty in Mizoram : A Theological Response
BD/50J LaldampuiiProblem of Deforestation in Mizoram and Church Response
BD/51Chhangte LalhmachhuanaChallenges of Higher Education in Mizoram : Churches Response
BD/52LalhnehlianaAn Evaluation of BCM Mission Strategy among the Chakma with special reference to Chawngte Circle
BD/53K. LalmuanpuiaMatthew Understanding of Mission on the basis of Matthew 10:5-15 and 28:16-20
BD/54C. LalngilneiaCorruption in Mizo Society : An Appraisal from the Book of Amos
BD/55H. S. LalramnghakaAncient Israel Concept of Land and its relevance to Mizoram
BD/56LalsangzualaThe Beginning of Christianity in the Southern Part of Mizoram with the Hist.of the First Christian Families
BD/57C. VanlalhruaiaThe Problems of Drug Abuse in Mizoram : The Churchs’ Response
BD/58VanlalhruaiiPsycho-Social Problems of Illegal Commercial Sex Workers in Mizoram
BD/59VanlalzuiaA Study of the Emergence and Role of the Bible Society of India in Fostering Ecumenical in Mizoram
BD/60Laltanpuia ZadengAn Evaluation of Mizoram Ecclesiological Situation in the Light of Pauline Theological Concept of “Body of Christ”
BD/61F. ZorinkhumaEnvironmental Crisis in Mizoram : A Challenge to Christian Ministry Today
BD/62P.C. ZosanglianaAcomparative Study of Angels in the Bible and the Spirits in the Mizo Traditional Belief
BD/63Lalramngheta ChhangteRole of the Fathers in Educating the Children in Mizo Christian Family with spl the fathers aged 30-45 in BCM Bazar veng, Lunglei
BD/64Andrew Lalhmachhuana FanaiA Study of Pauline Attitude Towards Women with  the status and role of mizo women in the church
BD/65Henminglen SingsitJustification in the Thoughts of St.Paul with spl.ref to the Book of Romans
BD/66J. LalpiantluangaA Theological Reflection on the YMA : A Declaration of the year of Combating Abusive drug and Alcohol
BD/67L.H.LalremruataImpact of Cable Television on the Mizo Society with the Adolescents
BD/68H. LalsangvungaConcern for the Poor in the Priestly code and its relevance to the Mizo Society
BD/69Likha TakarHoly Spirit in the Fourth Gospel and its Implication for the Nyishi Christians
BD/70RamnunsangaM.M.Thomas’ Understanding of Salvation and its Implication for the Churches in Mizoram
BD/71Aibula FanaiAn Ethical-Theological Response to the Practice of Corruption in Mizoram
BD/72Lalruatkimi FanaiAn Evaluation of the Work of the Pastors of BCM from the Perspective of Pastoral Care & Counselling
BD/73H.Kaisanglun GangtePauline Cocept of Eschatology and Its Implications for the Gangte Community in Manipur
BD/74Letkholun Haokip An Appraisal of the Interaction Between Christianity and Kuki Culture
BD/75KapsailoJesus and the Poor in the Gospel of Luke
BD/76Joe LaldinpuiaThe Prophecy of Amos Concerning Worship in Israel with Comparision…in the Churches in Mizoram
BD/77Samuel LalduhsakaChristological Imageries in the Mizo Lengkhawm Songs of Patea, Siamliana and R.L.Kamlala
BD/78R. LalremruataRole and Status of Women in John’s Gospel with spl ref to the Samaritan Women…Churches in Mizoram
BD/79ZD LalrozualaAttitute Towards Death Among the Mizos with spl ref to theYouth Members… BCM Bazar veng, Lunglei
BD/80V.LalthlamuanaJesus in the Holy Quran
BD/81H. RamthianghlimaCritical Analysis of the Involvements of the BCM in the Protection of Human Rights
BD/82Lalhlimpuii SailoStatus of Women in Synoptic Gospels and Its Relevance to the Role and Status of Women in the Churches of Mizoram
BD/83SuilianthangExodus Paradigm  :Its Implications for the Liberation of the People of Myanmar
BD/84ThangridemaPaul’s Missionary Method with Spl. Ref. to Tent Making Mission
BD/85Thangkholun TouthangAncient Israelites’ Concept of Land in Comparision with Kukis’ Concept of Land in Manipur
BD/86Joel S. ZoramthangaHistorical Study of the Kristian Chhungkaw Movements in the BCM : The Problems & Prospects
BD/87C. ChanchinmawiaThe Context of the First Four Revivals in Mizoram in Shaping the Mizo Understanding of Christ
BD/88F. GospelmawiaMission of Jesus: a Missiological Reflectioon on Nazareth Manifesto (Luke 4:18-19) for Mission in the 21st Century
BD/89Zirsangzuala Hrangchal Influence of Christian Missionaries Towards Transformation of Mizo Culture
BD/90Lungzalien KhongsaiChurch’s Response on the Ecological Crisis Among the Kukis in Manipur
BD/91C. LalengkimaA Biblical and Theological Reflection on Poverty in Mizoram with spl ref to the Inhabitants of Lai Autonomous District
BD/92John LalrinawmaThe World Council of Churches Involvement Towards Ecological Crisis : A Missiological Response
BD/93H. LalrinzualaAn Appraisal of Mizo Born-Again Spirituality Basing on Romans 12:1-8
BD/94P. LalroluahpuiaThe Mission Strategy of the BCM: A Reflection on the Past for the Future
BD/95LalthakimaEcumenical Mission Theology of Salvation with spl ref to Bangkok 1973 and Evangelical Response
BD/96C. MalsawmzelaThe Problems of Cancer in Mizoram: Challenges for Christian Ministry in Providing Care and Counselling for the Patients
BD/97M. MayonsingMutable or Immutable God? The Corresponding Mind of God in Jonah
BD/98Lalrohlua PachuauEmergence of Pentecostal Movement with spl ref to United Pentecostal Church in Mizoram
BD/99Lalremruati RokhumBiblical Basis for Empowring Women in the Church and Society with spl ref to Mizoram
BD/100Lalbiakdiki SailoNeo-Vedantins’ Interpretation of Christ and it’s Relevance to Mizo Christianity
BD/101R. VanlalfalaThe Prophecy of Amos and Its Relevance to Mizoram
BD/102VanlalpekaA Study of the Crusades in the Light of Postmodernism
BD/103T. VanlalremruataAn Appraisal of Mizo Traditional Moralities and Cultural Values and their Theol. Significance in the Context of Xnity in Mizoram Today
BD/104Satemkala AierRe-Reading Nazareth manifesto and Its Significance for the Ao Naga Women
BD/105 Johnny C.LalhmingmawiaThe Primacy of Revelation in Sources of Theology in the Light of Neo-Orthodoxy
BD/106Hmingthanzami ChawngthuJuvenile Delinquency in Mizoram with spl ref to Aizawl : Challenges to Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/107James Lalnunhlua ChinzahCultural Globalisation and Its Impact on the Tribals with spl ref to the Youth in Mizo Society : Theological Response
BD/108Paogoumang ChongloiTheological Response Towards Ethnic Violence in Manipur with spl ref to the Kuki Community
BD/109H. LalhmangaihsangaThe Origin and Development of Indeginous Churches in Southern Mizoram with spl ref to IKK and LIKBK
BD/110LalhmingmawiiJustice in the Book of Micah : A Challenge to the Social Actions of the Churches in Mizoram
BD/111Joseph LalrammuanaThe Concept of Suffering in the Book of Job and Its Implication to the Mizo Society
BD/112MalsawmzualaThe Doctrine and Seperation of Church and State and Its Implication to the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/113Sidhantorai MolsomA Missiological Appraisal of the Work of the BCM with the Saisawm Sazai Baptist Association with spl ref to the Molsom Tribe
BD/114Lalrammuana PoonteA Comparative Study of “Incarnation” of Jesus in the Writings of Madras Rethinking Group
BD/115B. RosangzualaA Study of Johanine Understanding of Knowledge and Its Implication for Mizo Christians
BD/116David Lalmalsawma SailoLuke’s Understanding of the Kingdom of God and Its Relevance for Mizo society
BD/117Habert Rorelliana SailoThe Problems of Suicide in Mizoram : A Response from Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/118Z.D.VanlalruataThe Nature of “Bhakti” in the Bhakti Movement and its Relevance for the Mizo Christianity
BD/119Hmingthanzama ChawngthuAn Appraisal of the Present Practices Related to Death and Bereavement  Among the Mizos: Challenges for Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/120Lalhruaia ChenkualEvaluation of the Activities of Supply Reduction Service from Human Rights’ Perspective
BD/121Ramnghakmawia HnamteImpact of Information Technology on Youth:An Emperical Study on the Use of Cellular Phone Among the Mizo Youth
BD/122Rochhuahthanga JongteAn Evaluation of Jurgen Moltmann’s Theology of Hope: Its Relevance and Significance for Contemporary Mizo Society
BD/123Thian Deih Kim A Study on the Truth of TMEF in the Light of Johannine Truth
BD/124K. LalhmangaihzualaAn Inquiry into the Multiple Roles of BCM Pastors with Special Reference to the Problems of Providing Adequate Care and Counseling
BD/125L.H. LalmalsawmaAn Evaluation of Daily Newspaper in Mizoram: A Christian Communication Perspective
BD/126F. LalnunremaGod-Creation Relation in Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta: Its Relevance for Environmental Protection
BD/127P.C.LalrinawmaAn Evaluation of Mizo Christian Songs Composed as the Outcome of the Third Revival of 1919 and Its Significance for Understanding Mizo Christian Thoughts 
BD/128LalsangkhumaThe Concept of Justice in the Book of Amos with Its Theological Implication for People’s Struggle in Myanmar
BD/129Ruang LianDietrich Bonhoeffer’s Understanding of Discipleship and Its Relevance to Myanmar Context
BD/130Lalrinawma SailoChallenges to Electronic Media in Mizoram: A Church’s Response
BD/131Lalsanglura SailoAn Evaluation of the Baptist Church of Mizoram’s Ministry to Children: Problems and Prospects
BD/132ZodinsangaRelevance of Raymond Pannikar’s Cosmotheandrism in Shaping Ecotheology
BD/133LalbiakniiA Study on the Impact of Ecological Crisis Toward Women with Special Reference to the Mizo Women
BD/134Lalhruaitluanga ChawngthuPsycho-Social Impact of Divorce on the Children of Divorced Parents in Mizoram – A Church Response
BD/135Elsie H.C.VanlalruatiChild Sexual Abuse: A Challenge to Pastoral Care & Counseling with Special Reference to the State of Mizoram
BD/136 Rebek K.ZonunsangiThe Role of Esther in the Old Testament and Its Significance for the Upliftment of Mara Women in Mizoram
BD/137Vanlalkima KhiangteAn Interpretation of Bonhoeffer’s Christology ‘A Man for Others’ from the Concept of Pasaltha in Mizo Tradition
BD/138L.S. LalhruaisangaBaptism in the Synoptic Gospels and It’s Significance for the Mizo Christians
BD/139K.LalnunsangaAn Evaluation of the Ministry of Select Evangelistic Teams under the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/140K. Lalramthianghlimi,Holy Matrimony and Thalai Kristian Pawl (T.K.P)
BD/141LaltanpuiaBonhoeffer’s Concept of Religionless Christianity and Its Implications for Contemporary Mizo Christianity
BD/142MalsawmkimaA Study of Mizo in Jampui and their Contribution toward the Spread of Christianity in Tripura
BD/143Eden RemnalalduhawmaA Study of the Look East Policy and Its Challenges to the People in Lai District of Mizoram: Christian Ethical Perspective
BD/144Lalmuanawma RenthleiA Study of Paul’s Views Regarding ‘Resurrection of the Dead’ in I Corinthians 15 and 2 Corinthians 5:1-4
BD/145Thangminlun VaipheiThe Mission Strategies of the Kuki Christian Church: An Appraisal from St. Paul’s Mission Strategies
BD/146H.VanlalvawnaReaffirming the Qualifictions of the Church Leaders in I Timothy 3:1-13 and its Implication to ‘Upa & Rawngbawltu’ in BCM
BD/147Laji VarugheseTheological Contributions of Geevarghese Mar Osthathios and Its Relevance to the Present Day Churches in Kerala
BD/148L. Khetoni AwomiA Study on Alcoholism among the Christian Youths of Sumi Naga Community: An Ethical Response
BD/149F. NgursailovaRe-visiting Edinburgh 1910: Its Significance and Challenges for Mission and Unity of Churches in Mizoram
BD/150F.LalhmangaihzauvaA Study on the Rise of Satanism Among the Youths in Mizoram
BD/151K. LalsanglianaAn Evaluation of the Baptist Church of Mizoram Home Mission Work Among the Chakmas
BD/152K.LalrammawiaThe Problem of Rape in Mizoram: A Challenges for Christian Ministry in Mizoram
BD/153Kiheigumle NdangThe Role and Function of Christian Music in the Socio-religious Life of the Zeliangrong Naga Community
BD/154S. LalhunmawiaAn Evaluation of S.J. Samartha’s Christology and Its Significance to the Contemporary Mizo Christian Community
BD/155Lalneithang HrangkholA Study of the Tangram Presbytery with spl ref. to the Presbyterian Women Fellowship
BD/156Joseph KhaloA Critical Analysis of the Existing School Educational Methods with spl.ref. to the Phek District Nagaland
BD/157HC KhaichoA Study of the Wondrous Works of the Holy Spirit and Its Significance among the Maras in Mizoram with  spl ref to  ECM
BD/158Pachuau, LalsanglianaRelationship Between Church and State in the Mizo Socio- Political Life with Special Reference to the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/159Emmanuel LalruatsangaSadhu Sundar Singh Understanding of Christ and its Significance to Mizo Christianity 
BD/160P.C. LalbiakzaraStudy of BCM Mission Work in Arunachal Pradesh among the Adi Tribe in Collaboration with Adi Baptist Union (ABU)
BD/161Eddie C LaldinsangaA Study of Jurgen Moltmann’s Theology of Creation: Its Relevance in the Context of Ecological Crisis in North East India
BD/162Haokip, Telvum SeikhoginThe High Priestly Prayer of Jesus for the Unity of Christian in John 17:1-26 and its Implication for the Kuki Christian in Manipur
BD/163T, LalhmingthangaThe Concept of Justice in the Book of Amos and its Significance for Mizo Society
BD/164R, LalkhamlianaA Study of the Colonial Influence on the Life of the Jews Under the Persian Empire and its Significance for the Understanding of the Old Testament
BD/165Benjamin, LallawmkimaA Study of Vengal Chakkarai Christology and its Significance for the Mizo Understanding of Christ
BD/166Hnamte, LaldinmawiaSuperstitions Among the Mizo’s and their Impact on Mizo Society
BD/167LalramlianaThe Concept of Ekklesia in Paul’s Letters and its Significance for Churches in Mizoram
BD/168Khenglawt, V L NghaksanagaA Study on the Rise of Eloping: A Challenge for Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran
BD/169Pachuau, LalramhlunaProblems of Homosexuality in Mizoram and the Church’s Response
BD/170Sailo, LalnunsiamaA Study of Martin Luther’s Theology of the Cross: Its Significance for Mizo Christian’s Understanding of the Work of Christ
BD/171LalduhawmaA Study of MM Tomas Concept of Humanization: Towards a Holistic Theology for Mizo Christianity
BD/172KhiangnunfimaBonhoeffer’s Christology “A Man for Others” and its Implication for Mizo Society in Jampui, Tripura
BD/173Seikholen, KipgenA Study of the Factors Dropout of School in Konghom Area Manipur
BD/174VanlalthasangaThe Contribution of Vatican II to Moral Theology and its Relevance to the Morality of Christianity in Mizoram
BD/175Apetow, RamdinpuiiPC Mozoomdar’s Undrstanding of Christ and its Significance for the Bru Community
BD/176Vanlalawmpuia, SamuelA Study of the Decline of Youth Interest in Lengkhawm Zai
BD/177Lalrozuala, VThe Prophecy of Proto – Isaiah Concerning Justice and its Significances for the Contemporary Christian Ministers in Mizoram
BD/178Muansangpuia, HChallenges of Cyber Crime in Mizoram: Church’s Response
BD-/179Sailo, LaldingnghetaChurch Discipline of the Baptist Church of Mizoram: Problems and Prospects
BD/180Khiangte, LalhimpuiaA Study of Socio –  Religious Reformation During the Second Temple Period in Ezra – Nehemiah and its Significance for Contemporary Mizo Society
BD/181LalchamaA Studyon Pandippedi Chenchiah’s Understanding of ‘New Creation’: Its Implication for the Mizo Society in Jampui
BD/182Pachuau, LalmuankimaAttending Adolescents within Pastoral Care and Counselling: TKP Junior Group under the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/183Vanlalropuia, VA Study of Tribal Cosmology and its Relevance for the Mizo Context in the face of Eco – Crisis
BD/184Vannunsanga, BA Study of Women’s Leadership Role in Romans 16:1-16: Implication for Women under Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran (LIKBK)
BD/185Lalramzauva, FA Study of Jesus Concern for ‘People with Disabilities’ in Synoptic Gospels: It’s Implication and Challenge for the BCm
BD/186RosangzualaResponsibility of Human Towards Creation in Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:15: A Challenge for the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/187Chinzah, NgurliantluangaA Study of Ecumenical Development and its Impact in the Area of Lai Autonomous District Council
BD/188Len, Hel KhoPaul’s Missionary Method of Indentification with Special Reference to 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, and its Relevance for Contemporary Missionaries among the Halam- Kuki in Tripura
BD/189JohanaEthical and Theological Challenges for Christian Involvement in Fighting against Corruption in Mizoram
BD/190Lalnunpuia, CA Study of Shepherd Motif in Acts 20:17-36 and its Implications to teh Role of Elders and Deacons in the Local Churches of the baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/191Touthang, NehminthangA Study on the Role of Worship in Kuki Worship Service (KWS) Fellowships: Some Proposals.
BD/192Touthang, TongminlalPaulo Freire’s Thoughts on Education and its Relevance for the Christian Education of the Chongthu Baptist Churches Association
BD/193Ramsan, CollinSex Education in Sunday School in the Tangkhul Naga Society
BD/194Tochhawng, M.S. DawnglianaAn Analytical Study of the Impact of Christianity on the Institution of Bawi (Slave) amoing the Mizos
BD/195Wanniang, Ador HiltonA Critical Analysis of the Method and Curriculum
BD/196Lyngdoh, SusannaAn Analytical Study on the Stress of Single parenting in Relation to the Financial Crisis caused by Coal Mining Ban of the National Green Tribunal with Special Reference to the Town of Jowai: An Inplication for Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/197Khongsdam, A Arki RoyA Study on the Psychological Problems of the People Living with HIV/AIDS in Shillong City in Relation to the Perception of the Society: An Implication for Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/198Wann, MebanjopA Study of the Psychological Problems of Unawnted Pregnancy in West jaintia Hill: An Implication for Pastoral Care and Counselling
BD/199LalruatkimaChristology and Pneumatology in the First Epistle of John and their Relevance to the Church in its Encounter with the New Age Movement
BD/200Haokip, NehelenA Study of the Contributions of Local Evangelists in Evangelizing Rongmei Nagas in North Western Manipur: With Special Reference to the Works of Pakho Sitlhou and Helhup Chongloi
BD/201Pautu, LalruatdikaPastoral Care and Counselling in the Local Churches of the Baptist Church of Mizoram: Disability Perspective
BD/202Haokip, Telsing ShokhopaoThe Issue of HIV/AIDS and its Challenges for Christian Ministry with Special Reference to Kuki Baptist Convention
BD/203Lalawmpuii, CAn Appraisal and Relevancy to the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/204Lalroluahpuia, HA Study of the Mizo Primal Religion Towards Mizo Christian Theology
BD/205LalramropuiaEcological Degradation in Lawngtlai District: A Challenge for Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church
BD/206Saza, LalduhsakaA Study on Deuteronomy 6:4 and its Theological Significance for the United Pentecostal Church of North East India (UPC NEI)
BD/207Yania, DebiaIssues and Challenges Between Children and Parents among the Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh with Special Reference to the Nyishi Living in Lower Subansiri District: A Christian Response
BD/208Hangshing, LamkholalRe-Reading Genesis 2:15 in the Context of Ecological Crisis and Its Implications to Address the Crissi: Challenges for the Church With Special Reference to the Kuki Baptist Convention
BD/209Vanlalengzuala, FChurch Response to the Effects of Alcohol in Lawngtlai Town
BD/210Ramdinliana, TAn Analysis on the Mizoram Liquor Prohibition and Control Act 2014: The Church Response with Special Reference to the Baptist Church of Mizoram
BD/211Lalsangliana, KAn Evaluation of the Baptist Church of Mizoram Home Mission Work Among the Chakmas: A Challenge for Contextualization
BD/212Lalhunmawia, SAn Evaluation of SJ Samartha’s Christology and Its Significance to the Contemporary Mizo Christian Community with Special Reference to Denominationalism in Mizoram
BD/213Lalremliani, KDivorce and its Challenges for Evangelical Church of Maraland
BD/214Lalhriatpuia, KA Study on the Social Impact of Revival in Mizoram: 1906-2015
BD/215VanlalhruaiaPoverty in Mizoram: A Biblical Response of Deteronomy 15:1-11
BD/216Singson, David LalthlamuongA Study on the Moral and Ethical Standard Towards Neighbour in Leviticus 19:11-18: Its Significance for Christians in Pluralistic Context of Lamphelpat
BD/217Liansangpuia, JosephThe Sola Scriptura and its Relevance for Mizo Christian Theology
BD/218Vanlalnghaka, SA Study of Robert De Nobli’s Mission Strategy and its Implication for Mission Works Under the BCM
BD/219Laltlawmlova, TDrawing Ecological Insights from Holiness Code and its Implication for Pentecostal Youth Department Lunglei District UPC NEI
BD/220Kipgen, LalkhohouThe Impact of Contemporary Marriage System Among the Kukis in Manipur: Challenges for Pastoral Ministry
BD/221Lalramthara, VA Study of Leviticus 21:1-9 and its Significance for the Pastors in Mizoram
BD/222Lhingneilam, PrettyCaste System and Marginalized Identities: An Analytical Study of the Purushasukta Hymn
BD/223Savidgeliana, HSexual Immortality and its Impact in Mizo Society with Special Reference to Lai District: Churche’s Response
BD/224Zomuankima, CImpact of Electronic Media Among the Children in Mizoram: A Christian Response