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THESIS : Doctor of Theology (D.Th)

CodeNameTitle of Thesis
DT/01R.LianhnuniLegal Protection for the Poor n Ancient Israel and Its Significance for Mizo Society
DT/02Lalrinawmi RalteCrab Theology : A Critique of Cultural Degradation of Women Reinforcedin the Mizo Church
DT/03VanlalchhuanawmaIntroduction to Revival Movement  and the Church in Mizoram 1906-1949
DT/04Chhangte Lal HmingaThe Life and Witness of the Churches in Mizoram
DT/05Raltawnga ChhakchhuakA Critical Analysis of the Understanding of Salvation Among the Selected Contemporary Mizo Baptist Churches in Lunglei in the Light of Paul’s Teaching of Justification by Faith in Romans 1-8
DT/06ThanzauvaA Theological Basis for Social Transformation
DT/07Vanlalchhawna KhiangteA Study of the Matthean Beatitudes and Its Implications for the Contemporary Christian Disciples
DT/08Lalrinthanga KhiangteA Historical Investigation of the Response of the Apatani Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh to the Gospel:  Implicatons for Intercultural Communication.
DT/09VansangluraA Study of Love with Spl.ref. to I Cor.13 with its relevance to the Mizo Christians
DT/10Joseph,Pottiayyathu VarkeyTribals in Kerala,India with Muthuvans and Mannans in Idukki District
DT/11Kapenga VanchhawngChurch and State in Nepal : A Case Study of the Hist.and the Church of Nepal
DT/12Fanai HrangkhumaMizoram Transformational Change : A Study of the Processes and Nature of Mizo….
DT/13M.Thongkhosei HaokipA Study of the Ecumenical Movement in North East India From a Historical Perspective
DT/14C.VanlaldikaSlave Laws in the Pentateuch From a Postcolonial Perspective
DT/15Lalhmangaiha, AndrewSalvation and Mission: Local- Global Conversations on Mission Theory and Practice with Special Reference to teh Mizo Baptists
DT/16Lalramhluna, BMizo Perception of Vai and their Attitude Towards them: A Comparative Study Between the Mizo in Mizoram and in Bnagalore City
DT/17Siang, KeciziuyingThe Right in Matthew: A Socio Economic Reading
DT/18Lalruattluanga, CDeveloping Strategies for Free Treatment for the Least Priviledged Under the Medical Ministry of the Baptist Church of Mizoram