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THESIS : Master of Divinity (M. Div)

CodeNameTitle of Thesis
MD/01P.C. LalropuiaEvaluation Study of Missionary Strategy among the Apatani Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh
MD/02H. LallenmawiaA Study of Christian Ethics on Ecology with special reference to Mizoram
MD/03Kawlthanmawii ColneyAn Evaluation of the Christian Education Programme of the BCM with special reference to Teenager
MD/04Bawi Nun ThangThe Impact of Classical Music on the Youth of Baptist Church of Mizoram, Lunglei, Mizoram
MD/05Vanlalthuama ColneyAn Evaluation of the Work of Zoram Baptist Mission from 1986-2002 : An Evaluation
MD/06H.s. LalhmingthangaHistory of the Zoram Baptist Mission, 1903-1967 : An Appraisal
MD/07F. LalzidingaHistory of the Zoram Baptist Mission (ZBM) 1966-1988 : An Evaluation
MD/08Laldika ZadengAn Evaluation of the Methods and Strategies usedby the Baptist Missionary Society in Mizoram
MD/09Lalsangzuala HnamteThe Significance of Preaching the Gospel to the Unreached People in Paul’s Mission with spl ref to Romans 10:14-15
MD/10K. LaldinthariA Comparative Study of William Carey and David J. Bosch in their Interpretations of the Great Commission
MD/11R. LalrammuanaThe Significance of Christ’s Incarnation in the Missiological Understanding of Cross cultural Communication
MD/12J. LalrinawmaAn Evaluation of the Status and Role of Music Teachers in the Mission of the Baptist Church of Mizoram
MD/13L. VanlalzuiaJesus’s Holistic Mission and Its Relevance to the Tribal in Assam with Special Reference to Boro
MD/14Letkhoson HaokipA Study of Thongpao Movement and its Impact on the Churches in Dingpi Area of Chandel District, Manipur
MD/15ZodinmawiiA Theological Reflection on the Use of Tobacco in Mizoram
MD/16Laldinliana KhiangteAn Exegetical Study of I Thessalonians 4:13-18 and Its Implication for the Pre-tribulation Concept of Christ’s return
MD/17Joseph LalbiaksiamaA Study of BCM Mission Training Programs: An Appraisal from the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology
MD/18HC LalsangzualaIssues and Challenges facing Christian Families in the Contemporary Mizo Society
MD/19C, LalfakzualaA Study of Church Growth in Mizo, Arunachal Pradesh, Under the BCM Mission Since 1994-2015
MD/20P.C. LalbiakzaraStudy of BCM Mission Work in Arunachal Pradesh among the Adi Tribe in Collaboration with Adi Baptist Union (ABU)
MD/21Laldinliana, HStudy of Baptist Church of Mizoram Mission Among Bru From the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology: Special Reference to Putlungasih Village
MD/22MalsawmsangaA Study of the Mission Work of Evangelical Methodist Church in Paletwa Township in the Light of Holistic Mission
MD/23Lalmuanawma, AA Study of Jesus Mission According to the Fourth Gospel and its Significance for the Mission of the Bru Baptist Church