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THESIS : Master of Theology (M. Th)

CodeNameTitle of Thesis
MT/01C.L. HmingaChristianity And the Lushai People
MT/02Lalrinthanga KhiangteThe Crucial Issues in Contemporary Ecumenical Theology of Mission 1961-1983 & Evangelical Response
MT/03Regd.No.500/89The Spirit of God in the Early Israelite Prophecy in Its Relation to Animism of the Traditional Kuki Religion
MT/04Lalsuotlur KhawbungMissiological Challenge of Evangelism & Social Ministry with the Cachar Hill Tribes Synod:India
MT/05K.LallungmuanaSelf Support in Baptist Church of Mizoram (1904-1966)
MT/06R. LalthanmawiaThe Image of “Shepherd” in the Johannine Writings and its Significance for  Pastor’s Image in Mizoram
MT/07C.NgurhnemaPerception of Pastoral Care & Counseling Among the Pastors of the BCM : A Critique
MT/08Vanlalchhawna KhiangteUnderstanding Jesus through the life-giving symbols in John’s Gospel
MT/09R.ZolawmaAn Appraisal of the Theology and Evangelistic Methods of Select Groups in Mizoram that Propagate”Born-Again”Spirituality
MT/10An Exploration of the Term Wise Woman Towards an Understanding of Womanhood  in the Hebrew Scripture
MT/11Regd.No.656/2001The Tribal Understanding of Supreme Being and its Contribution to a Christian Theology of Nature
MT/12Regd.No.663/2001Women in the Exodus Event : Challenges for the Mara Women in Myanmar
MT/13Regd.No.665/2001Exodus Paradigm in Deutero-Isaiah and its Implication to the Liberation Struggles of the People of Myanmar
MT/14C.VanlaldikaA Comparative Study of the Covenant and the Mizo Thurochhiah with Exodus Chapter 19-23
MT/15Regd.No.733/02Perspectives in the Historiography of Christianity in Mizoram
MT/16Regd.No.798/2002An Appraisal of John Calvin’s Doctrine of Salvation with the Contemporary Mizo Christian Context
MT/17Regn. No.749/2002The Leadership Role of Women in the Fourth Gospel in the eyes of Kuki Women in Manipur
MT/18Regn. No.782/2002“Hope” in Selected Passage of Deutero-Isaiah 40-45 and its Socio-Political Relevance to the People of Chin Today
MT/19Regn. No.799/2002Re-reading of Selected Mizo Myths for Developing a Relevant Eco-Theology for the Mizo Context
MT/20Regn. No.802/2002Globalization and its Impact on the Indegeneous People with the Nagas : A Theological Appraisal
MT/21Regn No. 877/03A Theological Interpretation of the Konyak-Naga Meth as a Basis for Social Transformation
MT/22H. LaltlankimaA Study of Tamangs’ Attitude Towards the Gospel and their Culture in Muralikhola Village
MT/23Regn. No.908/2004The Portrayal of “Families” in Select mizo Video Films
MT/24Regn. No.968/2004A Theological Interpretation of ‘Metha, Menyle, Kenyu’ of Chakhesang Naga in the context of Modernization
MT/25Regn. No.911/2004Atrocities Against Women in Armed Conflict in Nagaland : A Theological Response
MT/26Zanao MozhuiA Study of the Impact of Christianity on the Lotha People of Nagaland and its Missiological Implications
MT/27John ToppoA Evaluation of Church Planting Approach to Tribals in Chotanagpur Area of Biahar,India
MT/28H. LalthlamuanaShame in Mizo Society with Adolecent Development
MT/29R.D. Mawia RalteAn Appraisal of Contemporary Hindutva Movement of the Sangh Parivar in the light of Pluralistic Aspect of Hinduism
MT/30B.ZirsanglianaA Critique of Western Missionaries Doctrine of Christology in Mizoram from a Biblical, Systematic and Liberation Perspective
MT/31Lianchhunga KhiangteCentralisation and People’s Struggle for the Implementation of the New Panchayati Raj Institution in Mizoram
MT/32Lalhmingchhuanga ZongteAn Appraisal of Traditional Practices Related to Death and Funerals Among the Mizo-Christians
MT/33J.LalduhawmaThe Role of Christian Mission School Education in Mizoram (1894-1952)
MT/34Lalmuanzuala SailoMizo Baptist Women in Mizoram : Rediscovering and Reconstructing their Stories
MT/35R.L. HnuniThe Images Used for God in the Psalms
MT/36Joanna HeathLengkhawm Zai: A Singing Tradition of Mizo Christianity in Northeast India
MT/37Regn. No. 872/2003Women’s Contributions to Peace Initiatives in Nagaland
MT/38Regn. No. 892/2003Towards a Relevant Christology for Zophei – Chin Women in Myanmar
MT/39Regn. No. 846/2003Woman as Mother: A Theological Reflection from North East India Tribal Feminist Perspective
MT/40R.LalnunziraAn Ethical Appraisal of Wolhart Pannenberg’s Concept of the Kingdom of God in Relation to the Understanding of the Kingdom of God Among the Mizo Christians
MT/41VanlalpekaA Post-Colonial Reading of the Interaction Between Tribal Institutions and the Western Powers (1884-1947)
MT/42LalhmunsangaSanskritization Among the Debbarma Tribe in Tripura
MT/43Lalzuala KhiangteThe Work of the Holy Spirit among the Mizo Church
MT/44PC ZosanglianaPerception of Holistic Ministry Among the Elders of the Baptist Church of Mizoram : Implications for Pastoral Care and Counselling
MT/45K LalzarlianaCommunication Strategies of the Mission Department of the Baptist Church of Mizoram
MT/46R LaltanpuiaA Study of the Message of John the Baptist in Luke 3:1-20 and its Significance for Mizo Chrsitians in Mizoram
MT/47Vanlalrema RenthleiChanging Parameters of the Baptist Church of Mizoram’s Engagement in Efforts Towards Church Relationships in Mizoram from 1894 to 1984
MT/48LalhmangaihzamaThe Concept of the Word Holiness in the Letter to the Hebrews and its Significance for the United Pentecostal Church (NEI) in Mizoram
MT/49Thenmang SingsonThe Role of Local Christians in the Growth and Development of the Thadou Kuki Churches in Southern Manipur from 1910 to 1987
MT/50Moishen M PhomChristian Interaction with the Phom Naga Society and its Consequences from its Inception till the Present
MT/51ZodinsangaA Study of Subjectivity of Truth in Soren Kierkegaard’s Existentialism: Its Relevance to Doing Theology in India
MT/52An Exploration of Perfection and Blessedness in the Christology of Friedrich Schleiermacher and Fullness of Man in the Christophany of Raimond  Panikkar for a Cross Cultural  Theological Anthropology
MT/53The Lai People’s Struggle for Political and Ecclesiastical Autonomy
MT/54Lalhmachhuana Fanai, AndrewA Theological Response to the Barriers of Women’s Leadership Role in the Baptist Church of Mizoram
MT/55A History of Selected Ao Naga Baptist Missionaries to the Eastern Nagas of Nagaland
MT/56A History of Lotha Baptist Churches Association  (LBCA) with Special Reference to Mission Department from 1923-2018