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Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma called to eternal glory

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma.

Former General Secretary of the Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM) and a visiting professor to our college in the department of Church History, Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma breathed his last at 23;15, 26 March 2022 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. His life and works may be summarized as in the following:

Birth Date: September 1, 1943
Place of Birth : Darzo, Lunglei District, Mizoram
Father’s Name : Sawikunga
Mother’s Name : Darchawni
Wife : Chhawnkimi Vanchhawng
Childrens : 5 daughters

Educational Qualifications:

  1. B.A.(Guwahati University, 1967)
  2. B.D.(Union Biblical Seminary, Yavatmal, now in Pune, 1971)
  3. History of Christianity (Senate of Serampore College through the United Theological College, Bangalore, 1976). Thesis Title: A Historical Study of Mizo Mission to Members of Other Tribes. Mentor: Dr. F.S. Downs).
  4. Ph.D.(Intercultural Studies – Missiology, Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission, Pasadena, USA. Dissertation Title: Mizo Transformational Change: A Study of the Nature and Processes of Mizo Culture Change and the Factors that Contributed to the Change. Mentor: Dr. Paul G. Hiebert). Under revision for publication.

Work Ecxperiences:

  1. Lower Divison Assistant (LDA), Transport Commissioner’s Office, Shilong, 1962-64.
  2. Higth School Teacher, S. Vanlaiphai High School, Mizoram: 1965-66.
  3. Asst. Headmaster, Chozuba Mission School, 1967-68.
  4. Parish Pastor, Baptist Church of Mizoram, 1971-73.
  5. Lecturer and Assistant Professor, at Union Biblical Seminary, 1973-1994.
  6. Vice Principal, Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, 1989-1993.
  7. Professor of History of Missions, at Serampore College, Serampore: 1994-1998.
  8. General Secretary, Baptist Church of Mizoram: 1998-2001.
  9. Professor of Research, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore: 2001 to date.

Award: Post Doctoral Research and Book Writing Scholarship awarded by the Research Enablement Program of the Overseas Ministries Study Center, New haven, USA, funded by the Pew Charitable Trust. 1997. Subject of Research: Mass Movement in India: Reasons for Their Decline.

Major Publications:


1 .Hruaitu Puitu (Guide for Leadership), Baptist Church of Mizoram, 1975. Second Printing, 2000. 80 pp.

  1. Effective Christian Leadership, Bombay, GLS, 1980 100pp.
  2. Introduction to Church History, Bangalore, Theological Book Trust, 1997, 3nd Printing, 2000. 416 pp. Use widely as Text Book in Indian Theological Colleges.
  3. Indigenous Missions of India, Co-author, Roger Hedlund, Madras, Church Growth Research Centre, 1980. 130 pp.
  4. Chanchin Tha Mathaia (An Adult Bible Study on the Gospel According to Matthew), Serkawn, BCM Literature committee, 2001, 350 pp.
  5. Umzui Rawngbawlna (Followup Ministry). Serkawn, BCM Literature Committee, 1981. 100 pp. Undergone several re-printing.

Edited Books.

  1. Christianity in India: Search for Liberation and Identity, Delhi, ISPCK, 1998. First Pub. 1998. 2nd Printing, 2000. 337 pp. (This is the outcome of the research mentioned above. Use as text book in several Theological Colleges in India).
  2. Doing Mission in Context, with S. Sumithra, Bangalore, Theological Book Trust, 1995.
  3. Bible and Mission in India Today, with Jacob Kavunkal, Bombay, St. Paul, 1993. FOIM I.
  4. Christ and Culture, with Jacob Kavunkal, Bombay, St Pauls, 1994. FOIM II.
  5. The Church in India: Its Mission Tomorrow, with Sebastian S. H. Kim, Delhi, ISPCK, 1996.

Selected Articles in Books and Periodicals:

  1. “Missiology: An Overview,” in Proclaiming Christ: A Handbook of Indigenous Mission in India, ed. By Sam Lazarus, Madras, Church Growth Association of India, 1992, pp. 25-42.
  2. “Local Church Involvement in Mission and Evangelism” in Doing Mission in Context, pp. 29-52.
  3. “The Kingdom of God and Mission in the Synoptic Gospel” in Bible and Mission in India Today, ed by Jacob Kavunkal and Hrangkhuma, pp.
  4. “Christ and Tribal Culture” in Christ and Culture ed. By Jadob Kavunkal and Hrangkhuma, Bombay, St. Pauls, 1994.
  5. “Mission as Communication” in Dimensions of Mission in India, ed. By Joseph Mattam and Sebastian Kim, Bombay, St. Pauls, 1995. pp. 181-202.
  6. “Mission in Context” in Mission & Missions, ed. By Jey J. Kanagaraj, Pune, UBS, 1998.
  7. “Christianity Among the Mizo in Mizoram” in Christianity in India, ed by F. Hrangkhuma, pp. 265-311.
  8. “Factors that Contributed to the Arrest of Mass Movements Towards Christianity in India” in Christianity in India, pp. 312-337.
  9. “Methodologial Issues in Missiology” a Paper presented at the Mizo Theological Fraternity, 2001.
    10.“Academically Authentic and Contextually Relevant: A Search for a Proper Place for Missiology in Indian Theological Education” A Paper presented at the Doktorklub Seminary, SAIACS, (To be published in Asia Journal of Theology, for December Issue, 2002).
    11.“Mission and Evangelism Today” to be published as a chapter in the Centenary Publication, by the Baptist Church of Mizoram, 2003.
    12.“”India” in Church in Asia Today: Opportunities and Challenges, ed. By Saphir Athyal, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, 1996. pp. 393-434.
    13.“Theological Education for Mission” A Paper presented at the EFI Conference in New Delhi, Nov. 2000.
    14.”Interogasting Biblical Holism in Mission” for Princeton/UTC publication.

Research Theses Supervision:
Fifteen M.Th Theses have been supervised successfully.
Just completed supervising three M.Th Thesis writing
Supervised 2 Ph.D candidates and 1 D.Miss candidate in their dissertation writing.