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M.Div Final Year Result 2020

 Reg. No19003190131902319033190431905319063
 Name of the StudentC LalnuntlanaFP LalthathangaJayanta Kumar RabhaK LalrinzualaLalrinnghetiPobonjoy ReangRody Vanlalhmingchhuanawmi
Paper CodeSubject       
TE04Theology of Mission65755565706565
CM03Christian Leadership70756075757070
BS07Johannine Writings( in lieu of Thesis)45 50 606065
RS04Gospel and Culture65805565706570
TE06Principles and Practices in Missions45754565655055
BS08Pauline Though70 65 757070
EM04Cont. Issues in Christian Missions70806070757075
EM03Mission Strategies60755570756070
TE03Person and Work of Jesus, the Christ70656570707065
EM01Evangelism and Church Planting65756070756565
 Field Education 70707070707070
 Thesis 140 130   
 Overall GradeBAB-A-A-BB