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Principal’s Report 2018-2019

Praise and Honour be to our God Almighty for His abundant grace. Here is a report of another memorable year of the Academy of Integrated Christian Studies.

1. Statistics of AICS


1 Rev. Prof. R. Zolawma, Principal B.D., M.Th., D.Th Christian Theology (Systematic Theology)
2 Rev.   Dr   V.L.  Chhawna Khiangte, Asso.    Professor, Vice Principal B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Th New Testament
3 Rev.   Dr.   R.   Lalthanmawia, Associate Professor B.Sc., B.D.,M.Th.,D.Th New Testament
4 Rev.    Dr   H.   Lalthlamuana, Asst.    Professor,   Academic Dean M.A. B.D.,M.Th.,D.Th Ministry (Counselling)
5 Dr.    Andrew    Lalhmangaiha Associate Professor B.Sc., M.Div.,  M.Th. Ph.D Missiology & History   of Christianity
6 Mr. Dr. Keci Siang Assistant Professor B.D., M.Th., D.Th New Testament
7 Mrs L.H. Nimreila Asst. Professor B.A., B.D. M.Th Christian Theology
8 Mr. C. Lalhmachhuana Asst. Professor B.A., B.D., M.Th Communications
9 Rev. K. Rohmingliani Asst. Professor B.A., B.D., M.Th Ministry (Homiletics)
10 Mr. Joel S. Zoramthanga Asst. Professor B.A. B.D. M.Th Communications
11 Mr. Vanlalpeka Asst. Professor B.A. B.D. M.Th History  of Christianity
12 Mr. Johny C. Lalhmingmawia Asst. Professor B.A. B.D. M.Th Christian Theology
13 Ms.Lalhmingmawii Chongthu Asst. Professor B.A. B.D. M.Th Missiology
14 Mr. Rampaukube Hekwet Asst. Professor B.A, B.D, M.Th Missiology
15 Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum Asst. Professor M.A. B.D. M.Th Women  Studies/English
16 Mr. Moses Lalrohlua Sailo Asst. Professor B.E   (Mech).,   M.Th.    in Church  Music Church Music
17 Mr. H. Laltlankima Asst. Professor B.E (Mech) M.Div., M.Th. Missiology
18 Dr. Lalruatkima B.A., B.D., M.Th. Ph.D Religions
19 Rev. Joe Laldinpuia B.A., B.D., M.Th Old Testament
20 Rev. H.Ramthianghlima B.A., B.D.,M.Th Old Testament
21 Rev. B. Malsawmzuala B.A., B.D.,M.Th History  of Christianity

AICS is blessed with a strong teaching faculty. I am pleased to state that two of our senior faculty members, Mr. K.C. Siang and Rev. H. Lalthlamuana received their degree, Doctor of Theology at the last Serampore Convocation on December 4, 2018. We also had during this academic session, new faculty members, Rev. B. Malsawmzuala and Rev. H. Ramthianghlima, both of them were deputed from the BCM Pastoral department.  And for the Master programme, we had visiting professors, Rev. Dr. F. Hrangkhuma and Dr. Kaholi Zhimomi, Associate Professor, UTC.

Administrative staff

1. Rev. Letkholun Haokip, B.D, M.A; M. Phil; Registrar

2. T. Lalramdinmawii, B.Com   LDC cum Accountant

3. Lily Lalsangmawii,                                        LDC

4. Gospel Lalramzauhva                                  Office Assistant

Library staff

1. Mr. C. Lalrinenga    M. Phil., NET               Librarian

2. Dr. Chanchinmawia   Ph.D., NET                Asst. Librarian

3. Mrs. Azaile              B.Th                              Library Assistant

4. Rebecca Vanlalropuii B.A                             Library Assistant

Other Staff

1. Mr. Lalmuanawma, B.A                                  Work Supervisor

2. Mr. Lallawmkima B.A                                    Fourth Grade

3. Mr. Vanlalfaka                                                 Driver

4. Mr. Lalbiaknunga                                           Fourth Grade

6. Mrs. R. Lalrinzuali                                          Cook

7. Mrs. Ngurduhthangi                                        Cook

8. Choronte                                                          Cook

9. Mr. Laldenga                                                   Gate Keeper

10. Laltanpuia                                                     Gate Keeper

11. Mr. Harikar Dev                                            Sweeper

12. Ashit                                                              Carpenter

Students’ Enrollment

Bachelor of Divinity Men Women Total
B.D. I (New students) 20 3 23
B.D. II 19 2 21
B.D. III 18 2 20
B.D. IV 20 6 26
Total 77 13 90
Master of Divinity (Missiology) Men Women Total
M.Div I (New students) 2 4 6
M.Div II 4 3 7
M.Div III 2 3 5
Total 7 6 18
Master of Theology Men Women Total
New Testament 1 1 2
History of Christianity 2 4 6
Total 3 5 8
Probationary Pastors 6   6
Dip. MS 15 10 15

Grand Total = 137

Six Probationary pastors and four students in Diploma in Mission Studies completed their courses in the first semester and went back to their respective posts. Now we have 127 students.

1.2. Valedictory Programme: On April 20th, a Valedictory Service 2018 was conducted. Rev. Dr. Limatula Longkumar, Dean, Research SATHRI was invited to give a valedictory address. She gave a significant valedictory address. I am also compelled to make acknowledgement with much appreciation the presence of BCM leaders, Rev. F. Ramdinmawia, General Secretary with his wife, Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika, Associate General Secretary and Rev. Dr. K.Lalrinthanga, Executive Secretary.  I must also mention that the BCM Choir and Aizawl Area Baptist Choir graced the function by choral singing.  In this service, there were 36 students, 5 M.Th; 24 BD; 2 M.Div. and 5 Diploma in Mission Studies were valedicted. This Valedictory 2018 was worth remembering as AICS had valedicted the first batch of M.Th students.

1.3. New Admission: The Board of Theological Education selected successful candidates for M.Th, BD and M.Div programmes, as follows:- i) M.Th-6; ii) BD- 23; iii) M.Div.- 6. We must be thankful to the BCM for giving sponsorship to all M.Th students. And the BCM Mission Department has taken eleven candidates and sent to AICS for Missionary Training.

1.4. Lay Leadership Training: A Lay Leadership Training was conducted in two pastorates, Saitual pastorate (May 4-7) and BCM Chanmari Vengthlang, Lunglei (November 2-4). The training was well attended by  lay leaders and relevant teachings were given by Rev. Dr. R. Lalthanmawia, Rev. Joe Laldinpuia, Mr. Joel Zoramthanga, Mr. C. Lalhmachhuana, Miss Lalhmingmawii Chongthu, Ms. Lalremruati Rokhum and Rev. Dr. R. Zolawma from AICS and Rev. Dr. C. Vanlaldika from BCM Headquarters, Serkawn.

1.5. Senate Results 2018: God answered our prayer for the good of his children.  God once again blessed AICS with very impressive Senate results which also mean God has count worthy the joint efforts of committed faculty members and hard working students. With pride, I would like to present our BD results as follows: we had Lalduhsaka Saza who passed in first class (A-);

8 in B plus; 11 in B grade. In addition, we also had very good M.Th first batch results: Three students maintained B plus and two students maintained B grade. We are reminded once again our testimony, “This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvellous in our eyes.”

1.6. Students from Princeton Theological Seminary: Since 2009 we have students from PTS every year. I am pleased to report that Mr. Austin Matthew came to AICS and stayed here for ten weeks (June-August). During his stay, he helped us in teaching English. He also had a weekend ministry at BCM Zotlang, Aizawl. We are extremely thankful to the PTS for the partnership and to student for his memorable ministry.

1.7. Students’ Exchange Programme with Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary in Post Graduate Programme: We thank God for this wonderful partnership with YTCS. We sent our three students from History of Christianity discipline, Vanlalrema Renthlei, Singson and Moisen. They spent there in YTCS, Taiwan from April 30 till May 20. 2018. During their stay, they were offered one course in master level and they were also given ample opportunities to get exposed to churches in Taiwan. We have received information that students from YTCS will come to AICS in new session.

1.8. Students’ Exchange Programme with Harding Theological College (HTC), Tura, Meghalaya: With the consent of the Board of Theologic Education, AICS could start Students’ Exchange Programme with HTC. From AICS, we sent J. Lalruatdika leh Paominlen Stephen Haokip, BD III students to HTC and from HTC Apulbirth and Uday came to AICS. The exchange programme was arranged for one semester (first semester). We believe that this partnership will enrich our theological education and it will promote our unity in serving our Lord Jesus in the region. This partnership is worth continuing.

1.9. Infrastructure development

God our provider, Jehovah Jireh blessed us with funds through BCM to complete the SIM building. And also we received funds, rupees 16 lakh from

the Government of Mizoram for Zero Waste Management and Volleyball Court.

1.10. BCM Pastors’ Conference: We were privileged to host BCM Pastors’ Conference in December 10-13, 2018.

1.11. ATA Evaluation Team: As we applied for ATA Re-Accreditation of M.Div programme, The Evaluation Team came to AICS. In the Team, members were, Rev. Dr. Udaykumar, Rev. James Tamang and Rev. Kampo. They had a thorough evaluation in three days (February 27, 28, 29, 2019) and wrote recommendation to ATA Office for re-accreditation.

I thanked God for his faithfulness; I thanked faculty and staff for their cooperation. And I thanked students for their obedience.

God bless the AICS.