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Student Christian Movements of India, AICS Unit: 2019-2020

FP Lalthathanga, Secretary

I feel blessed and honoured to give the Student Christian Movement of India, AICS Unit’s report for the academic session of 2019-2020 in the college Annual Magazine. Firstly, I thank the almighty God who leads us and guides us throughout the academic session and through whom we could do all our activities successfully. Secondly, I, on behalf of the SCMI members give thanks to the Faculty council for supporting us and allowing us to attain our plans and projects for this year. We know that whatever the committee has done, they were done only because of the support and co-operation we received from the faculty council.

Following are the reports and activities of AICS unit:

1. Membership: For the academic session we have 164 members; 143 students and 21 senior members (Faculties).

2. Office Bearers: Following are the elected office bearers for 2019-2020:

President                  : Mr. V. Vanlaltlanhlua (BD IV)
Vice President          : Mr. Jack Lalfakawma Zadeng (BD III)
Secretary                  : Mr. FP Lalthathanga (M div III)
Asst. Secretary         : Mr. ZD Laltanpuia (BD III)
Treasurer                  : Ms. Pari Chinzah (BD IV)
Finance Secretary    : Ms. Esther Lalnunpuii (BD III)
Senior Advisor         : Mr. Laltlankima Hnamler, Asst Prof. (Given by the Faculty Council)

3. Executive Committee members: The office bearers committee selected the following persons for the Executive Committee members.

1.   Mr. C. Vanlalhriata, BD IV
2.   Mr. D. Lamkhosei Haokip, BD IV
3.   Mr. C. Lalnuntlana, M.Div III
4.   Mr. F.C. Lalhruaizela, Dip. M.S.
5.   Mr. Lalnunzira, BD III
6.   Mr. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
7.   Mr. Ivan Lalnunpuia, BD II
8.   Mr. Keneth M. Chinzah, BD II
9.   Ms. R. Lalramhmuaki, M.Div II
10. Ms. Chinkholhing Haokip, BD II
11. Mr. Jonathan Laltleipuia, BD I
12. Mr. Zoherliana, BD I
13. Mr. Lin Lin Sein, BD I
14. Ms. T. Lalremruatpuii, M.Div I
15. Ms. N. Vanlalfeli, BD I


4.1. Social Service: Social service was conducted on the Independence Day, 15thAugust 2019 (Thu). We cleaned all the plastic and polythene materials starting from the college to Ramrikawn Market area. Around 120 students and some faculty members were taking part. We are thankful to the UD&PA, Directorate Office and Aizawl Municipal Council for sponsoring us in cash and kind.

4.2. Blood Donation: Blood Donation Camp was conducted on 28th October 2019 (Mon). 46 units of blood were donated to Civil Hospital Blood Bank. We are very happy that this year 7 ladies donated their blood, which is the highest lady donors recorded in our college so far.

4.3. Charity Ministry: In collaboration with Worship and Music Committee, on 4th December 2019 we had a charity ministry. We asked two YMA branches in Tanhril area to select 3 families in their area. And we gave Rs. 3,000 each to six families. It was challenging and really inspiring as well.

4.4. Attending ATC Golden Jubilee Celebration: Aizawl Theological College Unit invited us to attend their Golden Jubilee celebration on 24th October 2019. All the Office Bearers and some Executive Committee members attended the programme. Citation was presented on behalf of AICS unit.

4.5. SCMI Regional Camp: We give thanks to the Faculty Council for allowing all the Office Bearers to attend the SCMI Regional Camp which was held on 15-18th January 2020 at Aizawl Theological College. In this programme, Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha and Rev. Dr. R.L. Hnuni presented papers which were really appreciated by the students. They made us proud. We are thankful to them.

4.6. SCMI Inter-Cultural Worship: This is one of the most celebrated days during the academic sessions. It was conducted on 23rd February 2020 (Sun). Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha delivered the message with a theme of ‘Strings.’ The committee selected students from different tribes to take part in this worship service. The main purpose of this programme was to celebrate our unity in diversity. AICS unit is comprised of more than 13 different tribes and ethnic backgrounds. Unity in diversity will always be the theme of our unit.

4.7. SCMI Nite: This programme is also one of the most anticipated moments in an academic year. It was successfully conducted at 23rd February 2020 (Sun) night. The students and the community members attended the programme. The programme was blessed with the presence of One in Christ, possibly the most successful gospel group singers presently in Mizoram.

4.8. Fasting Prayer: Fasting Prayer services are conducted every Wednesday evening. Within this academic year, we could conduct 27 times where approximately 45-55 students attended. Offering box is kept at the door, and those amounts were used for charity ministry.

5. FUND RAISING: This year 2019-2020 Session, with the co-operation of all the students we could raise fund approximately 1.5 lakhs. We are so thankful to all the students and faculty council for their support. Means of our fund raisings are:

5.1. Funfair: It was conducted successfully on the college Day, i.e. 18th October, 2019. This programme is not only for fund raising but also a great time for the community. Mr. Harikardev (Chachu), Chowkidar was invited to be the Chief Guest. All the community members including students and teachers of Junior School celebrated the day. Several games were played, and it was successfully and colourfully done.

5.2. Book Selling: This year the committee was selling the book, Nang ilo awm reng si written by Mr. & Mrs. Rev. P. C. Muanthanga from which we could collect profit of Rs. 4,000.

5.3. T-Shirt: Unlike the other years, we sold number of pieces to the local churches in Aizawl city and also to the community members. This is one of the main sources of our income generation.

5.4. Calendar: We have made 2020 calendar. Every student took them home and sold to in own local churches.

5.5. Sticker: We have a sticker for vehicle and gadgets. From this also we could collect some amount.

            To conclude the report, once again I sincerely thank the Principal and staffs and all the students for the good suggestions, advices and co-operation. Especially, I would like to give thanks to Mr. H. Laltlankima, the faculty guide for his valuable suggestions and his always presence in times of need.

SCMI will always stand for unity and harmony among the students. May God bless SCMI, AICS Unit.