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Students’ Welfare Committee: 2019– 2020

K. Malsawmthanga, Secretary

I, on behalf of the Students’ Welfare Committee of AICS, congratulate the Editorial Board of Shekina Annual Magazine 2019-2020 for publishing another AICS annual magazine with the theme ‘Diakonos.’ I am very grateful to the editorial board for keeping separately significant pages to give the annual report and activities of Students’ Welfare Committee 2019-2020.

            Since SWC stands for the welfare of the students it tries its level best to support students in times of their need. The SWC is also receiving great support from the students, faculty council and AICS community in order to achieve the different plans and programmes. Following are the annual report and activities during the academic session 2019-2020.

1. Members of SWC: The SWC members consist of all AICS students of different courses (B.D, M.Div, M.Th, DMS) from various states in North-East India and abroad.

2. Office Bearers:

Chairperson                 : Rev. Dr.Vanlalchhawna Khiangte, Principal, AICS.
Secretary                     : K. Malsawmthanga, BD – IV
Asst. Secretary            : J. Lalrinawma, BD – III
Treasurer                     : NgabomTasar, BD – IV

3. Executive Committee Members: For the executive committee members, it has been decided that class representative of each classes will be appointed automatically.

  1. David C. Lalnunkima, BD – IV
  2. Moi Nyorak, BD III
  3. Vanlalbiakhluna, BD II
  4. M. Lalchungnunga, BD I
  5. K. Lalrinzuala, M.Div III
  6. Gospel Chanchinmawia, M.Div II
  7. Lalrammuana, M.Div I
  8. Paokhohang Chongloi, M.Th II
  9. RC. Lalhlimawma, M.Th I
  10. R. Lalfeli, DMS

4. Annual Reports and Activities:

4.1. Committee Meeting: During the academic session 2019-2020, OB meeting was held once and executive meeting five times.

4.2. Membership fee and Monthly contribution: The SWC collected Rs 50/- for membership fee and Rs 10/- per month for monthly contribution from each and every member. The valuable contributions were made used for the smooth functioning and success of the SWC’s plans and activities.

4.3. Freshers’ Nite: One of the main activities of SWC was organizing Freshers’ Nite to welcome the new members. The programme was successfully organized on 19th July, 2019 with Marilyn as guest host.

4.4. Observing Independence Day: The committee could successfully organize the 73rd Independence Day of India. The programme was organized in front of the main building and Rev. Prof. R. L. Hnuni was the Chief Guest hoisting the National Flag.

4.5. Teachers’ Day: The committee organized Teachers’ Day celebration programme on 5th Sept, 2019 to honour our teachers. Gift of gratitude and appreciation was presented to each of the teachers.

4.6. College T-shirt: The committee took initiatives to prepare college T-shirt for the students and community members. It was prepared in four different colours according to the distribution of houses from the Sports Committee. In the previous year, the committee also ordered a new college T-shirt from Delhi. It was made in one colour (dark blue) and sold it to the students and community members at the cheapest possible price.

4.7. Medical Support: Even though the committee could not provide all the needs of the student in case of medicinal need, but it takes responsibility in providing some of the medicine for urgent need. One Blood Pressure checking set, sphygmomanometer mercurial with stethoscope, was bought for the use of students. The committee also takes responsibility in taking students to the Hospital whenever necessary. It was also resolved in the committee to continue helping hospitalized students by giving Rs 1,000/. Hence, one student was given this financial aid.

4.8. Condolence: It is the yearly practice of the SWC to give condolence to the students who lost their immediate family members or who are staying under one roof. Condolence in the form of written memorium was given to two students.

4.9. Scholarship: The committee continues applying scholarship for the students.

4.10. Debate Competition:    The committee organized a debate competition on the topic ‘Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is good’ on 20th Feb. 2020 (State Day). Best Mover prize was given to Lalropuia (BD III) and Best Opposer prize was given to MC Vanromawia (BD III).

4.11. Others:  The committee gives away the SWC Award to students those who secure more than 70 in any subjects. Outgoing leaders are also given mementos in appreciation for their contribution to the institution. The SWC donated two steel long-chairs for the Mission building and three plastic doors for men’s hostel.

            Finally, my sincere thanks and gratitude goes to the Almighty God whose ever guidance was experienced by the SWC throughout this session, to the faculty council for entrusting me to hold this post, to the principal for the support and creative inputs for the SWC and to all the students for the kind cooperation throughout the session. All your precious contributions, supports and cooperation made the SWC alive and active to serve its purpose till today.

May God bless you all.

May God bless AICS, Thank you.