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Worship and Music Committee: 2019-2020

Zoengmawia, Secretary

On behalf of the Worship and Music Committee, I congratulate the Editorial Board of Shekina Annual Magazine 2019-2020 for publishing another AICS magazine. I am filled with joy and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Editorial Board for giving me a chance to bring out the marvelous works of God which our eyes behold during the Academic year 2019-2020. The Worship and Music Committee, as it stands to promote the true essence of worship, is delighted to bring to you the annual reports through which we could say again ‘This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eyes.’ The following are the reports and activities of the Worship and Music Committee for this Academic Year 2019-2020:

1.         Worship and Music Committee Members:

1.1.      Office Bearers:

Faculty Incharge     – Mr. Johny C. Lalhmingmawia, Asst. Professor
Secretary                 – Zoengmawia, BD IV
Assistant Secretary   – Henry Lalchunglura, BD III
Treasurer                    – Lalrinngheti, M. Div. III

1.2.      Executive Committee Members:

  1. CRL Muanpuia, BD IV
  2. Joseph Lalrinawma, BD IV
  3. Samuel Khobung, BD III
  4. Pobonjoy Reang, M. Div III
  5. Esther J. Vanlallianpuii, BD II
  6. H. Lalnunziri, M. Div II
  7. Zorindika Ralte, BD I
  8. Linda Lalramluahpuii, M. Div. I

2.   Executive Committee Meetings:

            The Office Bearer meeting was held once and Executive Committee was held for four times during the academic session 2019-2020.Informal meetings were also held frequently.

3.   Achievements:

            The Executive Committee held on 24th June,2019 laid down several Plans for the year and it is an honor for me to report the achievements as follows-

            1)         Buying Cushions for Chapel: The Committee felt utmost joy as we are relieved by the generosity of the former Principal Rev. Dr. RL. Hnuni who had donated 11 Cushions for the pews in the chapel.

            2)         Buying flowers: Flowers worth Rs. 11,000 were brought.

            3)         Projector Wall-mount: New Projector wall-mount was set up in the Chapel.

            4)         Microphone: 2 Microphones which can either be used as microphone or as a Condenser were brought.

            5)         Training for Sound and Projector Operator: With the help of the senior students trainings for both sound and projector operators were conducted successfully.

            6)         Visiting Orphanage: In collaboration with the SCMI, AICS Unit, charity of Rs. 3,000 each was given to six Families in and around Tanhril locality.

            7)         Buying Acoustic Guitar: An Acoustic guitar was bought for Rs. 15,900.

            8)         Buying Small Drum (Khuangte) and Stand: A new Small Drum (Khuangte) worth Rs. 2,000 was bought along with its stand.

4.         Special Programs and Events:

            4.1.      Retreat:

            As Spiritual Retreat along with Intellectuality is one of the main focuses of AICS, Annual Retreat of AICS is held every year towards the beginning of the session to rekindle the Spiritual life of the community. The same is conducted during 6th – 7th July, 2019. This year we are blessed by the inspiring messages of the Speaker, Dr. Rema Chhakchhuak who is mightily used by God. The Retreat is also enriched with a delightful feast enjoyed by the whole community organized by the Worship and Music Committee.

            4.2.      College Day Celebration:

            Unlike other years the Committee was entrusted to organize the College Day celebration which was celebrated in the night on the occasion of AICS day. The Committee successfully organized the celebration programme and the community members enjoyed the Celebration.

            4.3.      Pastoral Prayer:

            Pastoral Prayer for the Birthday and Anniversary Celebrants is held on the first Sunday Afternoon Worship Service of every month, where Pastoral prayer is conducted for them.

5.         Departments under Worship and Music Committee:

            5.1.      Fellowship Group:

            The whole Community members, both the Faculty members and the students are divided into eleven Fellowship Groups who had their meeting twice during this Academic Year, who enjoyed their Koinonia with light refreshment on the first meeting and fellowship group dinner on the next.

            5.2.      Fruits and Sunday Schools:

            The Children in the Community known as The Fruits have their own fellowship every Sunday morning at 7:00 am and Sunday School at 10:00 am under the guidance of the faculty in-charge with the help of the appointed leaders among students.

            Lastly, I would like to give thanks to God, and also to the Principal and the Faculty members who in spite of all my limitations entrusted me to pursue my theological studies in AICS, and to hold this respectable responsibility. I would also like to extend my words of appreciation to all the Worship and Music Committee members for the excellent co-operation that we had.

May the good Lord continue to bless AICS