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It is my pleasure to give a brief report of the AICS Junior School during this academic session. The AICS Junior School is initiated in the year 2003 and by God’s grace it has been growing till today. This school is under the AICS Faculty council with the management of the School Management Committee consisting of the Principal of the college as the Chairman, the Headmaster as Secretary, one appointed faculty as Treasurer, one representative each from parents and teachers.


  1. Students enrolment:

AICS Junior School students are from a wide scattered are under the block of  Aizawl West. Most of the students are from Tanhril, Mizoram University Campus, Ramrikawn, Sakawrtuichhun, SBS Complex, Tuivamit, Central Jail, Chawlhhmun and of course, from the AICS Campus itself. The Medium of instruction is English and in exceptional cases, English and Hindi are used.

CLASSNo. of Students
Class – 125
Class – 216
Class – 321
Class – 419
Class – 526
Class – 624
Class – 721
Class – 813
  • Teaching Staffs:

During this academic session, there are 14 teachers headed by Headmaster. The Headmaster, Rosangzuala was selected for Probationary Pastor, hence, a new Headmaster, K. Malsawmthanga replace him from the month of February, 2021. List of the teachers is:

  1. K. Malsawmthanga                                   2.  Lalhmingliani Fanai

3.  Laldinpuii Hnamler                                    4.  Joseph Vanlalrochana

5.  C. Lalpianmawii                                         6.  Lalremsiami

7.  Zonunmawii                                               8.  Salomi

9.  Esther Haokip                                            10. R. Lallawmsangi

11. Laltluangkima                                           12. Leslie Lalbiakthangi

13.  Malsawmkimi                                           14.  PC Lalnunfeli

15.  Lalenkawla

Among the teachers, 4 of them are from Government schemes, such as SSA.

  • Other staffs:

The school employed two staff to prepare and provide Mid-Day meal for students. They are:

1. Lalthantluangi                                 2. Rozamliani 


            The outbreak of Covid19 has hindered the usual activities such as Annual Sports, Parents-teachers meeting, Zonal Sport, Gospel meeting, and normal classes were suspended for most of the months. Hence, online classes were conducted using Whatsapp. From 1st march, 2021, classes 5-8 resumed their normal classes while the other classes continued their online classes. Examination was held on 19th April till 21st April, 2021. Mid-Day meal is provided to students everyday in school while they have normal classes. But in other days, some days are appointed for them to collect Mid-Day meal in school.

            Regarding academic activities, the school is carried out as per the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Projects/assignments are given and tests and examination are conducted through online. The next session began from 4th May, 2021.

            The school is being extended vertically by constructing another floor above the main school building. It is planned to have four class rooms which may be used as school hall for gathering and meetings.


            By God’s grace and guidance and with the co-operation and dedication of the Staffs, the school could face today. I give my heartiest gratitude to my Colleagues. Without the helping hand of the respected Principal of AICS, Rev. Dr. VL. Chhawna Khiangte, the school would not have been what it is today. So, we give thanks to the Principal whole heartedly. Thanks to the BCM and SSA for their Educational inspiration. Most of all, we thank the Almighty God for His Omni-presence and providence.