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C. Lalrinmuana, Secretary

Introduction: God has blessed AICS with people having different talents and skills. Games & Sports competitions are organized mainly for our physical exercise, for building good friendship among the students. AICS own its own Basketball court, Volleyball court, Table Tennis room, gym, and shares a football ground with the Government’s Tribal Arts Centre. On behalf of the Games & Sports Committee, I would like to thank the Magazine Editorial Board for sparing a space to write a report on the activities. But unlike other years, we cannot have Annual Sports.

Here is a brief report from the Secretary:

1. In-Charges: The following persons are appointed by the Faculty Council as the in-charges for Games & Sports Committee for the Academic Session 2020-2021:

Secretaries : C. Lalrinmuana B.D.IV C.Lalfakzuali M.DIVIII

Asst. Secretary : Vanlalnghakmawia B.D.III

Faculty In-Charge : Mr. Vanlalpeka Apart from the appointed in-charges, these persons are appointed by the Office Bearers meeting

1.1. Executive Committee Members: Lalmuanawma BDIV Sumeona BDII Israel Lalramluahpuia BDI CVL Awmpuizeli BDI

1.2. House Division: Due to unavoidable circumstances we could not have Annual Sports. The Committee meeting still decided to have house distribution and appointment of house leaders.

2. Activities: Due to some unavoidable circumstances, Annual Sports cannot be organized. And 2nd year and 3rd year cannot join 1st and final year students. But, here are some activities:

2.1. Interclass competition: Without 2nd and 3rd year, Inter-class volleyball competition was organized. And here are the results:

Champions : BD IV

Runners up : BD I

Third place : M. ThI & II

Fourth place : M.Div I &III

Individual prizes:

Bestplayer : Lalmuanawma BD IV

Best setter : Lalnunzira BD IV

Best spiker : Emmanuel Lalzarlawma M.DIV III

Most promising player: Vanlalhruaizela BD I

Apart from these, another entertaining individual prizes are distributed as well, from the sponsorship of the students.

2.2. Construction of futsal goal: With the help of first year students, the Committee constructed a temporary futsal goal using the unused volleyball net and woods from the carpentry.

2.3. Daily activities: During our short stay at the hostel, if the weather permits us, futsal, football, basketball, volleyball, TT, gym, outdoor badminton, and other exercises are enjoyed.

 3. Financial Sponsorship: The Committee decided to request the Principal to buy the following items: Futsal ball, football ,volleyball, basketball, one each.

4. Vote of thanks: Finally, on behalf of the Games & Sports Committee, I would like to thank the Almighty God for the blessings of good health and continual guidance. And to the Faculty Council for the privilege and trust, and also the faculty in-charge Mr. Vanlalpeka for his care and advices and full support. Last but not the least, the Asst. Secretary, Executive Committee members and all the students for your participation and support.  May God continue to bless AICS.