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Lalrinchhunga Fanai

It is a great priviledge and honour for me to give a brief Social Work report for the academic year of 2020-21. I would like to express my gratitude to the Shekina Annual Magazine editorial board for this opportunity to give a report of the Social work. This is my wish that the magazine will be a blessing for the readers in one way or the other. Here is a brief report of Social Work.

Incharges in Social Work

Faculty Incharge : Rev. Vanlalhruaia Khiangte
Secretary : Lalrinchhunga Fanai (BD IV)
Asst Secretaries : Lalnunziri (M.Div III) and
Rosangzuala (BD III)

Aims and objectives

The main aim of Social Work is cleaning the campus, Hostels, Chapel, Library and Dining Hall. Apart from cleaning any other necessary work which can be done in the social work is also included in the social work.

Social Work Time
Every Saturday Morning (6:30am – 7:45am) is the usual time for social work. If there is any other urgent work, we also organize voluntary social work in the week days as well.

Social work is compulsory for all the BD and M.Div students, while M.Th and Missionary trainees also can join the social work. We are happy and thankful for the contribution of M.Th students and Missionary trainees.

Social Work faculty incharge and secretaries have a survey for the necessary work, secretaries make work distribution before the the social work usually Friday night which is issued in the students whatsapp group so that any student can be prepared for a particular work in which he/she is assigned. Attendance is strictly maintained in the social work which is evaluated at the end of the academic session.

In order to have a successful social work, Social work committee have certain properties which is provided by the college. The properties are mainly implements for cleaning the campus like broom, hard broom, dustbin etc. All men are expected to have their own chempui (dao) and for women tuthlawh or chemkawm (hoe).

Because of the pandemic students could not reside in the hostel for approximately a year. Half of the student could enter to the hostel in the month of March 2021 and had to leave in April. We could have only have two months to do social work, but still social work activities is one of the main events in the campus during our stay.

Cleaning the campus along with Cleaning of Hostels, Chapel, Library, Dinning hall  are the usual work done every Saturday morning.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Faculty council, who has entrusted me to handle this responsibility despite my limitations and weakness. I also give thanks to our faculty incharge Rev. VL Hruaia Khiangte who always active in the different activities and advices, and the assistant secretaries Lalnunziri and Rosangzuala, for their sincerity and cooperation. Lastly i thank to my fellow student for their coopeartion and undersatnding in out limitations. Above all, I give thanks to the Lord Almighty who is always faithful and trustworthy even in the difficul times.