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 Z.D. Laltanpuia, Secretary

It is indeed an immense pleasure for me to be able to give a brief report on Student Christian Movement of India, AICS Unit for the academic session of 2020-2021. Firstly, I extend my deep gratitude to God and I, on behalf of the Student Christian Movement of India AICS Unit, would like to congratulate the Editorial Board of SHEKINA Annual Magazine. Secondly, I, on behalf of the SCMI, AICS Unit members give thanks to the faculty council and all the community members for the support and contribution. Student Christian Movement of India is a student’s movement working with Christian Principles. It provides the necessary space where students develop in leadership and grow in social and spiritual formation. SCMI is an ecumenical fellowship, where students from all church traditions and people of other faiths come together for inclusive partnership and SCMI is a national fellowship binding together the rich traditions and cultures of this nation. SCMI is an international fellowship. It is a constituent member of the world student Christian federation (WSCF), membership to SCMI is open to all church traditions and people of other faiths and of various ideologies who accept the aims and basis of this movement. The SCMI, AICS unit was formed on the 7th of November 2003 according to the decision of the faculty council and still functions today with various plans and projects to create unity and harmony among the members. Here are some of the notably reports and activities of SCMI AICS Unit:

1. The office bearers were elected by the students and senior advisor given by the faculty council. The elected Office Bearers selected 14 Executive Committee Members.

2. Office Bearers(2020–2021):

President : Mr. Jack Lalfakawma Zadeng (BD IV)

Vice president :Mr. Ivan Lalnunpuia (BD III)

Secretary : Mr. Z.D. Laltanpuia (BD IV)

Asst. Secretary : Mr. Benjamin Lalnunzira Tlau (BD III)

Treasurer : Ms. EstherLalnunpuii (BD IV)

Finance Secretary : Ms. T.Lalremruatpuii (M.Div III)

Senior Advisor : Mr.Laltlankima Hnamler, Asst. Prof

3. Executive Committee members:

1.Mr. F.Lalrinfela (BD IV) 2. Mr. Lalrammuana (BD III) 3. Mr. Keneth M. Chinzah (BD III)

4. Ms. Chinkholhing Haokip (BD III) 5. Mr. Immanuel Lalzarlawma (M.Div III)

6. Mr. Zoherliana Chawngthu (BD II) 7. Mr. Jonathan Laltleipuia (BD II) 8. Ms. N. Vanlalfeli (BD II)

9. Mr. Dano Mro (BD I) 10. Mr. K. Lalberrorelpuia (BD I) 11. Mr. Jangminlen Haokip (BD I)

12. Ms. Zohmingsangi (BD I) 13. Mr. Lalthanglura Renthlei (M.Div I) 14. Mr. T. Lalthasanga (M .Div I)


4.1. Fasting prayer: Fasting prayer service is conducted on every Wednesday evening at 5:00pm. Unlike the other years Covid-19 cases are rapidly rising daily all over the world and in order to prevent ourselves we prayed in our own room. One reason we fast is to demonstrate humility before the creator of the universe and by acknowledging our dependence on God.

4.2. Facemask: Since SCMI, AICS unit is self support and self independent, we need to raise fund by ourselves. Therefore, in order to raise fund we made facemask for selling purpose.

4.3. Maintaining Bethel: A clean environment ensures the health and safety of everyone, knowing that we cleansed the surroundings of the Bethel and for the purpose of prayer and meeting we put plastic chair approximately 20 for the college.

Lastly, but not the least we are so grateful to the Principal and staff and all the students for the support and suggestion. Especially I would like to give thanks to Mr. H. Laltlankima, the faculty guide for his kind, and valuable suggestions that we received. Above all, all these activities would not have been possible without the grace of the Almighty God. May God continue to bless SCMI, AICS Unit.