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Henry Lalchunglura Renthlei

On behalf of the Worship and Music Committee, I congratulate the editorial board of Magazine Committee for their ability to bring out the annual magazine for 2020-2021 in the midst of pandemic. As the Worship and Music Committee has been established to uplift AICS community worship life, the Committee is responsible for organizing events like Retreat, Advent Christmas and various programs such as Vespers, Sunday morning worship, singspiration and pastoral prayers.

Due to the effect of Covid-19, the academic session could not be started as usual like the other years. Most of the activities were used to be dependent on the participation of students inside the college; therefore since there could be no gatherings until the month of March in 2021, activities could not be taken up.

The return of students from BD-I, BD-IV, M.Div. I & M.Div. III on 3rd March 2021 made possible to conduct vesper and Sunday worship services by following S.O.P. made by the government. The first year students had the time to share their testimonies, however due to Covid, the situation in the country and states got worst, all the meetings and gatherings were compelled to be discontinued.

The time being was so uncertain, so the Office Bearers of the Worship and Music Committee and the faculty incharge felt unnecessary to even appoint Executive Committee members.

The following are the persons in charge of the Worship and Music Committee:

Faculty Incharge       :           Mr. Johny C. Lalhmingmawia, Asst. Professor

Secreatary                  :           Henry LalchungluraRenthlei,BD IV

Treasurer                   :           R. Lalramhmuaki, M.Div III